Superheroes may dominate the box office and comic books, but this Veterans Day we honor the real heroes – the veterans of the United States military. And AT&T is proud to honor those who have served our nation.

Throughout the year, AT&T supports the military community with hiring initiatives, philanthropic contributions and employee volunteer activities.

Over the coming days, AT&T will contribute $400,000 to 16 organizations that serve the military community around the U.S. Learn more about some of the organizations here.

Our employees and Veterans Employee Resource Group are also expressing their gratitude. They have shown support with care packages and letters to overseas service members. And some are participating in flag raising ceremonies. Check out their activities on social media with #ThankOurHeroes.

One AT&T employee helped make a dream come true for a deserving veteran. Army veteran and AT&T Billing Ops Manager Jim Novak recently joined Korean War veteran Dan Svoboda for an “Honor Flight.” The nonprofit Honor Flight Network sponsors the annual event in which veterans are flown to Washington, D.C.

There, they meet other veterans, view memorials and receive recognition for their honorable service. You can read about Jim’s experience in his blog.

Turning disability into ability

Some of our nation’s veterans return home with disabilities. Often, these impact their transition into day-to-day life.

Our new documentary, “RESOLUTION: Innovative Thinking about Disability,” highlights one of the many organizations that helps disabled veterans maximize their potential. Dog Tag, Inc. supports wounded veterans, spouses and caregivers through a 5-month training program that includes education, leadership development and a personalized business management rotation.

The film also tells the story of Pete Scott, a veteran Counterintelligence Agent, who served in the U.S. Army for 12 years. Pete started Fields 4 Valor. They provide a healthy diet and financial relief to those transitioning from service, recovering from an injury and/or disability, or overcoming the loss of a loved one.

See RESOLUTION On Demand through DIRECTV and AT&T U-verse.  

Join us in expressing your gratitude this month and all year long by posting a note, photo, or video with #ThankOurHeroes on social media.

For more information on AT&T employment resources for veterans, visit

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Brian Mayo, AT&T Veterans Employee Resource Group, Chief Marketing Officer

Brian Mayo
Brian Mayo AT&T Veterans Employee Resource Group, Chief Marketing Officer