If so, don’t be surprised. Making you search is what they do best.

In the last 3 years, we’ve launched internet service over our 100% fiber network to serve customers in 40 U.S. metro areas. We’re talking about a 1 gigabit connection to a location on a network powered by AT&T Fiber.

And we’re still growing. We plan to be in 45 metros by the end of 2016, and have committed to 67 metros total.

With over 1 million route miles of fiber globally, we continue to utilize our expertise and leadership in fiber to bring faster internet speeds to more locations. 

This ultra-fast internet service is marketed to over 3 million locations – including 500,000 apartments and condo units. We’re on track to exceed the 12.5 million locations we have planned by mid-2019.

We’ve also connected over 1 million incremental business customer locations to our fiber network since 2012, and have more than 200,000 fiber lit buildings.

All this requires a hefty investment. Financially, of course, but it goes beyond that. It’s the investment of time and sweat by employees behind the scenes that has made us successful. Thousands of highly qualified men and women are engineering the network, enhancing the technology, laying fiber in your neighborhoods street by street and delivering the best digital experience into your home.

This hard work is delivering results. Demand continues to exceed our expectations. In fact, we’ve doubled the number of internet customers in many of the metro areas where we’ve built out our 100% fiber network. Almost 50% of subscribers on this network are new to AT&T.

What some of our competitors are just starting to realize (one after 6 years and only 8 metros) is that this endeavor is challenging. Connecting customers at scale and investing capital today in the future of connectivity is a big deal. Expanding the availability of faster wired and wireless speeds begins with a conversation with cities and customers – not a checklist dictating terms or by pushing cities to enact lopsided legislation.

We don’t take shortcuts. This is about good old-fashioned hard work, not new-age marketing promises that fall short in the end.

Since 2011, AT&T has invested more than $140 billion in our wireless and wireline networks, including capital investments and acquisition of wireless spectrum and operations. During this same period, AT&T invested more in the U.S. than any other public company.

After more than 130 years we continue to work tirelessly to keep our promises to you – our customers – to connect you to your world everywhere you live, work and play and do it better than anyone else. 

We look forward to the bright future ahead.

Eric Boyer - Senior Vice President for Wired and Wireless Products and Services

Eric Boyer
Eric Boyer Senior Vice President for Wired and Wireless Products and Services