Happy Friday and welcome to the latest edition of Your Inside Connections! Here are a few things you may have missed this week.

Tonight’s episode of the AUDIENCE Network Original show, Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of the Tone, will feature Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Hunter Hayes.

For anyone new to the series, Ernie Ball was an innovator and a member of the world’s leading manufacturer of guitar strings. Episodes follow the biggest names in the industry, including legendary blues musician Buddy Guy, rock star Mike Ness, and British rock icon Billy Duffy.

Be sure to tune in at 8 p.m. ET to get a firsthand look at the influences which have shaped Hunter’s sound. 

At AT&T, we’re collaborating with our customers to achieve the “Power &” for their business. This is a campaign we launched earlier this year to represent being agile & developing solutions that satisfy all goals. It eliminates the “or” mentality of compromising. 

Using our flexible and reliable Network on Demand, Austin Cancer Center can dial up or down its bandwidth as needed. With the extremely large data sets generated from the PET scanner, they were forced to queue up the studies after business hours – leading to potentially longer diagnosis times. Those days are in the past, with the ability to send results in near real time to a radiologist.

Last weekend, we were at AT&T Park in San Francisco for the AT&T SHAPE Expo. This first year conference brought some of the best mobile app developers, video content creators and tech professionals to take part in Shape’s immersive activities, as well as inspire and celebrate innovation.

One of the biggest highlights was the first SHAPE Innovation Challenge. The challenge looked for break through technological advances in augmented networks, smart cities and connected things. The winner developed technology that generates clean energy at high-traffic locations. According to the company’s website, the system lays flat on top of the road where vehicles are required to slow down. When cars drive over, they compress embedded hydraulic channels, generating electricity to power nearby equipment.

The winner claims their innovation could cut a city's electricity expenses in half!

Check out the highlights:

  • A thought-provoking Speaker Line-Up, including Jared Leto, Ray Kurzweil, Jason Silva, Nate Silver, Peter Diamandis, Ralph de la Vega, John Stankey, and John Donovan.
  • Exhibits on the Park’s Promenade from AT&T and more than 30 tech leaders. Participants experienced dynamic, interactive demos on VR, AR, Smart Cities, IoT, Wearables, AI, robotics and more.
  • A Maker Camp for 7-17 year old kids to engage in hands-on technology projects in connection with AT&T Aspire – our signature philanthropic initiative to help students succeed in school and beyond.

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