We all have dimension. That’s the lesson I think most people will take away from “Nigerian Prince.”  

It’s a movie about a Nigerian-American teen, Eze, who is sent to Nigeria against his will. The film also centers on Pius, Eze’s complicated cousin. On one hand, Pius is a ruthless scammer who gains his victims’ confidence only to steal their savings. On the other, he’s a caring cousin who empathizes with Eze. He has many layers that we uncover throughout the film.

Eze is a reluctant traveler, who desperately wants to return home. Pius wants to help Eze. The surest way Pius knows how is by teaching Eze to be a scammer. While Pius views scamming as a necessity, Eze is more conflicted. Eze wants the ticket home, but struggles with the morality of the path Pius wants him to take.

This film is both warm and dark. We see Eze and Pius develop a close relationship. Pius, in ways, represents both the best and worst things to ever happen to Eze. Pius provides for his cousin, but also drags him through the depths of humanity.

This movie is also a portrait of life in Nigeria, where we did most of the filming. It’s an exotic location that’s a stark contrast to the U.S. Still, I think American audiences will relate to the struggles they see these characters endure. I think the story will resonate with people and help us all forge a better understanding of – and appreciation for – life in other parts of our world.

At its core, this is a film about the human spirit. The characters’ conflicts, struggles, hopes and dreams drive the story.

And it delivers a universal message: We all have dimension. 

“Nigerian Prince,” the winning film of the inaugural AT&T Presents Untold Stories program, will premiere next month at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. Also next month, AT&T and Tribeca will once again collaborate to give the world access to stories from underrepresented filmmakers who deserve to be seen and we’ll announce this year’s winner.

AT&T Presents Untold Stories: An Inclusive Film Program in Collaboration with Tribeca, is a multi-year, multi-tier alliance between AT&T and Tribeca along with the year-round nonprofit Tribeca Film Institute.

Faraday Okoro
Faraday Okoro Guest Author