When I traveled from Porto Alegre, Brazil, to Mexico City, I took the long way … through London.

And along the way, I earned a college degree and became fluent in English and Spanish. I grew up speaking Portuguese. In London, I worked as a journalist for the BBC. And then, 7 years ago, I moved to Mexico City.

Today, I’m managing the Business Experience Center for AT&T in Mexico City. It’s a unique position. Let’s just say I’m using all the skills and knowledge I’ve picked up so far on my journey.

Here, we call the center the CXE. Essentially, it’s a very high-tech showroom for all our company’s communications solutions for businesses in Mexico.

I discovered the need, and the demand, for new communications technology in a previous job in Mexico. I helped organize an event designed to bring affordable technology to more Mexicans.

I also worked on a project that led to the creation of connected fashionable clothing. That’s right. I’m talking about jackets wired for sound, virtual reality and more.  

So, when I arrived at AT&T a year ago, I felt I was in the right place. And a few months ago, we opened the CXE.

There’s nothing else like it in Mexico City. It’s probably like nothing you’ve ever seen before either.

Technology is at the heart of the CXE. We use it to illustrate our own technology solutions for businesses. Our customers are surrounded by LEDs and 360-degree video to learn about our services for fleet management, security, lighting automation and more.

We’re going after the “wow” factor in a big way.

All of this would not be possible without our amazing CXE team.

We recently kicked off a series of Wednesday night events we’re calling business innovation sessions. At our first one, we met with about 40 business customers and gave them an up-close look at some of our IoT services.

We want to show customers exactly how our services can work for their different types of businesses – no matter their size or industry. We’re here to help them grow and prosper. It’s exhilarating to find out later that businesses are signing up for these services.

My multi-year, multi-language, multi-job journey from my native Brazil to Mexico City has been rewarding for me on so many fronts.

I’m immersed in a world of technology that I love. (Did I mention my cats’ names are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth!)

I’m in an amazing city (earthquake and all) and I’m doing a job that’s on the cutting edge. What’s not to like?

Check out the Spanish-language CXE video here.

Carolina Correa de Oliveira
Carolina Correa de Oliveira manager - Business Experience Center, AT&T Mexico