Have you been mobile-shamed? 

It’s when you put down your smartphone because someone thinks you’re checking work email when you shouldn’t.  Or when someone accuses you of frivolous tweeting or playing that new virtual scavenger hunt.

This week, we’re putting mobile shaming on hold with an AT&T Inspired Mobility conversation at the 2016 Blogging While Brown Conference  in Washington, D.C. 

We’ll explore how people use mobile technology for inspiring and enriching activities – much more often than you might think.  We’ll look into how smartphones and tablets keep people connected in positive ways, with positive content.

I’ll host a casual dialogue on July 16 with bloggers about how people are using mobility to inspire.  We also want to know what impact positive sharing has on them and others.

Inspiration really can happen anywhere thanks to mobility. Whether it’s taking a break to read an inspiring story of human triumph in your Facebook news stream, or streaming your favorite tune to get you through the day. Inspiration is happening anywhere and all the time. Some people say it has a very positive impact on their lives.

And who couldn’t use a positive pick-me-up these days?

We’ll capture thoughts from bloggers about inspiration on video and take 8 bloggers with us on Aug. 5 to the National Association of Black Journalists convention in Washington D.C.  The selected bloggers will meet Rev Run, #InspiredMobility’s digital inspiration guru, and have a chance to learn about the latest mobility research.

What’s the deal with #InspiredMobility?  

It’s a national conversation about how people are connecting with their faith and inspiration using mobile technology.  

And there’s absolutely no shame in it.

See more of what Rev Run has to say about how he keeps millions inspired from his digital pulpit everyday here.

AT&T is proud to continue the #InspiredMobility conversation and help connect people from all over the world who share their inspiration. Follow and join the conversation on social media by using #InspiredMobility.

Learn more at http://att.com/inspiredmobility

Jason Caston, #InspiredMobility Faith & Mobility Expert

Jason Caston
Jason Caston #InspiredMobility Faith & Mobility Expert