We call my 10-year-old’s friend his “brother from another mother… and father” because they act more like brothers than friends. He just found out his family is moving, which was sad news for all of us.

He came to the door this morning. His little face showed through the window as he waited for my son. It would be one of the last times they walked to school together.

I sent his mom a text, “Your little guy just showed up at the door. I need to cherish these moments!” She replied, “He doesn’t want to move! He actually wants to live with you guys.” We shared a tear, a smile and, of course, a few emojis.

That’s the stuff that really matters. It’s connecting with the important relationships in your life. When you feel good about that, everything else falls into place.

Recent Inspired Mobility research from AT&T shows 85% of moms – more than any other group – say inspiration is their main motivation for engaging on mobile devices. 60% told us this is part of their daily routine.

One big reason: Moms are so mobile. We’re juggling. We’re shuffling. When I have my phone, I can get in touch with anybody, anywhere, any time. I can also access my social media.

I love Facebook for a variety of reasons, mostly because people are pretty open on the platform. Seeing people post about their kids – the good and the bad –  inspires me.

You only know what you know, so it’s great to have a venue where parents are willing to connect and share what their kids are going through. That’s probably why 73% of moms say they’re scrolling and looking for the same thing. FYI, that’s a higher percentage than other women groups.

Today when I heard that familiar knock, it hit me just how precious these moments are. And how wonderful it is to share them.

That’s what Inspired Mobility means to me. It’s getting and giving inspiration no matter where you are. It could be looking at a funny picture on your phone or reading an inspiring post on Facebook. It’s about sharing in this incredible thing called Life that we are all experiencing right here, right now.

We’re able to share in our joys and support one another in our pitfalls the best way possible – together.

That’s Inspired Mobility.

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Jennifer Boyanovsky
Jennifer Boyanovsky Executive Director – Brand Management