Today’s Internet speeds are getting faster than ever and we’re all using the Internet to do more –streaming video, gaming, accessing the cloud or uploading videos and photos.

We want to continue providing a great experience for our Internet customers so we’re giving U-verse® Internet customers more choices and more data, including an unlimited data option available to any U-verse Internet customer.

Unlimited data choices

On May 23 we will introduce a new unlimited data option for our U-verse home Internet customers.1

Customers who subscribe only to our home Internet service who anticipate they will use more data than their new higher monthly data allowance – or who don’t want to think about how much data they are using – can sign up for unlimited home Internet data beginning on May 23 for $30 more a month.

If you have AT&T U-verse Internet and DIRECTV® or U-verse TV service and pay for your services on a single bill you will automatically get unlimited home Internet data at no additional charge – a discount worth $30 a month.

If you ever decide that you want to switch to unlimited home Internet data or add TV service, you will be able to do that immediately, even in the middle of your billing cycle.

Increased data allowances

Also on May 23, most of our U-verse home Internet customers will receive an automatic increase in their monthly data allowance, without having to do a thing.

U-verse Internet data allowances will automatically increase – 250 GB (gigabytes) will increase to 300 GB or 600 GB, and 500 GB to 1TB. The exact amount will be based on your Internet speed tier (Learn more here)

Today, our home Internet customers use just over 100 GB of data per month on average. So even with our smallest U-verse Internet data allowance of 300 GB the average customer has plenty of data to do more.

U-verse Internet Speed Tiers2

New Data Allowance

What you can do with the data…

768 Kbps – 6 Mbps 

300 GB

100 hours of HD video streaming

12 Mbps – 75Mbps 

600 GB

240 hours of HD video streaming

100 Mbps – 1 Gbps 

1 TB

400 hours of HD video streaming

Kbps = Kilobits per second

Mbps = Megabits per second

Gbps = Gigabits per second

GB = Gigabyte

TB = Terabyte 

Determining what’s right for you

To help you decide which option is right for you, we offer a variety of online tools and tips at to help you estimate, monitor and manage your data usage. Tools include a data calculator so you can quickly estimate the amount of data you might use in the future. Beginning May 23, our online portal will also allow you to check your current usage3 anytime you want.

If you don’t have unlimited home Internet data and you exceed your data allowance at any point during the billing cycle, you will receive increments of 50 GB of additional data for $10 each. The usage of approximately 4% of AT&T U-verse Internet customers currently exceeds our new higher data allowance. We’re taking extra steps to make sure you know if you’re approaching your data allowance. In fact, we will send you 7 notices via email over several months before you need to purchase this additional data, as follows:

  • In the first bill cycle when you reach 100% of your data allowance, we’ll update you via email, but there will be no charges.
  • In the second bill cycle, we will notify you via email at 65%, 90%, and 100%, and still without charges.
  • In the third bill cycle, and each bill cycle thereafter, you’ll receive reminder emails at 65% and 90%. At 100% we will notify you and add an additional 50 GB of data to your account for $10 each time you exceed the allowance. Customers will receive reminders about their data usage for the additional 50GB at 75% and 100%. The maximum monthly overage charge is $100.

Beginning today, we plan to start notifying U-verse Internet customers via their monthly statement, email and online tools about the new increased data allowances and unlimited Internet data options set to launch May 23. 

This will give you more than 4 months to become familiar with the new data allowances and determine the right option for your usage habits before potentially needing to buy additional data.

1, 2 “Unlimited data” refers to data usage, not speed. Internet speed claims represent maximum network service capability speeds.  Actual speeds are not guaranteed and may vary based on factors including site traffic, content provider server capacity, internal network management factors, device capabilities. For more info, go to

3 Go to for more info on Internet speeds and data allowances.

Bob Bickerstaff
Bob Bickerstaff Vice President of Voice & Data Products