How do we know what our customers need and want? It’s simple. They tell us. They may ask about charges on their bills or a change to their services. Or they may want to activate new services. Yet it is the compilation of millions of customers’ feedback – over a week, month or even a year – that really provides the most telling information. And gives us the chance to continue to improve your experience.

We use this information to discover areas of opportunity and find things we can do better, often in real time.

Consider this. An individual online chat gives us information to help that customer. But a day’s worth of online chats can help us pinpoint specific trends and patterns. These trends and patterns become action plans. And these action plans can translate to a training course or a tweak in a process. These courses or tweaks lead us to our main goal: giving you, our customers, the best experience possible.

This is “Big Data” in action – gaining insights from large mounds of information to make our personal service better. AT&T analyzes more than 100 factors known to affect customer satisfaction with our network. We make about 30 billion overall service-assurance measurements across our wireless and wired networks in a typical hour.

Yes, it sounds a bit sci-fi. But data analytics has helped us to transform the customer experience by letting us make quick and effective changes as needed. And this translates to helping us make your experience even better – our top priority.

Nicole Rafferty
Nicole Rafferty Vice President, AT&T EG Customer Experience and Ops Support