It’s 25% of our name, but it’s 100% of what we do. The “&” in AT&T literally means “and,” but it speaks to everything we stand for. It’s all about the power of connectivity to push things forward and make things better for you, our customers. That’s why you’ll see a new ad campaign from us during the Masters. It’s called the “Power of &.”

“The Power of &” tells the story of a company – American Telephone & Telegraph – that came together with an “&” more than a century ago. Since then, we’ve grown and built AT&T. We’re putting more “ands” together and making them work for you, our customers. We serve businesses – large and small – and individuals and families alike.

We bring the “Power of &” to more than 3.5 million business customers around the world, including nearly all of the Fortune 1000. To these businesses, “and” means agility. Business has always been about tough choices – one path or another. We help them do one thing and another … at the same time. This helps businesses sense and adapt to an ever-changing landscape and maintain their competitive edge. You can read more about what we do for business here.

In the past year, we’ve evolved through a series of “ands” to deliver what you want. We added DIRECTV and we expanded into Mexico by acquiring Iusacell and Nextel. We’re combining these assets with the network and the innovation and the technology you’ve come to expect from AT&T. We’re doing this to become the premier integrated communications company in the world. And the company customers like you depend on for your entertainment, and your security and your connections to the people and things that matter most.

We’re global and local. We do business on 6 continents – and right in your back yard.

We’re wired and wireless. We’re the largest pay-TV provider in the world – we closed 2015 with 45 million connections (including Sky Mexico) – and we delivered broadband to over 13 million subscribers and wireless to nearly 137 million subscribers.

We’re business and entertainment and security and the Internet of Things and innovation. Our technology adapts with speed and precision for all of our customers. We deliver what you need here, there and virtually everywhere.

Wherever you’re watching and however you’re watching, we hope you enjoy this year’s Masters. And we hope you like our new commercials. They illustrate how we live and breathe the “Power of &” for customers like you and how we’re “Mobilizing Your World” like never before.

Lori Lee is AT&T’s senior executive vice president and global marketing officer.

Lori Lee
Lori Lee Senior Executive Vice President and Global Marketing Officer, AT&T Inc.