I believe that inspiration can change the world. It gives people a much-needed lift. 

I’ve seen it myself.

My music and my positive messages have taken me around the world. Nothing has kept me more in touch with others than my Words of Wisdom that I share everyday while I’m on the go. It all started by chance when I began texting positive messages at the end of my show Run’s House.  I thought, what if I could expand my reach from the millions who were tuning in, to millions more online?

That’s when @RevRunWisdom was born.

It blew my mind when I joined Twitter back in March 2009.  I quickly amassed more followers than the most famous pop star of the day. The model was simple: tweet out positive messages. No replies. No following back.

 Think of it as a mobile inspiration engine.

Churning out positivity from my device became my way of simply spreading love and wisdom – to whoever wanted to have it. Soon my handle was the most retweeted on the platform. Now I have more than 5 million followers on Twitter and Instagram.  My model remains the same.

When I joined the AT&T Inspired Mobility movement, they asked me why I thought it happened this way. My answer was simple: people need inspiration wherever they are, whatever they are facing—in that moment. 

Once I ran into a famous athlete at the airport. He told me that when he was injured and trying to recover, he gained strength and support from my Words of Wisdom.

Another young woman I met in a hotel lobby told me my tweets about faith got her through a tough time.

When I met a famous boxer for the first time, instead of telling me how he loved RUN DMC or my TV shows, he told me that he loved my Twitter posts and receiving positive information.

I’m glad to know that there is power in mobile inspiration to impact others.  I’m a living witness, and it is the basis of my unconventional ministry.  While other ministers may reach megachurches upwards of 25,000 people once a week, I can reach more than 5 million each time I post—because inspiration can happen anywhere.

Since Run’s House, I’ve expanded my inspirational topics to move beyond faith to reflect my love for family and my wife. 

We all tap into inspiration using mobility in different ways. I’d love for you to tell me how you use mobility to find inspiration. Tweet @ATT to share using the hashtag #InspiredMobility. 

I’ll be making appearances over the next few months with AT&T to support their research. They’re exploring how people are using mobility to inspire or stay inspired. And my story is proof.

To start, I’m going to AT&T headquarters in Dallas and the National Association of Black Journalists convention in Washington D.C. I’ll share how I’m able to have a worldwide impact with my messages that go as far away as Japan –in a blink.

Pick up your phone and text your best friend some encouragement. It’s just as important. Every bit goes a very long way to do good and enrich others.

In a time where there is so much negativity and people telling us to put down our devices, we can break the cycle and shift culture.

More often than not, we are picking up our devices and connecting with each other over something inspiring. I think we can surprise the world by sharing that.

It’s happening more often than you think.

Join the conversation by sharing inspiration from your device using #InspiredMobility.

Rev Run
Rev Run Rev Run is a hip-hop pioneer and practicing minister