When I talk to business leaders about why they haven’t yet embraced the cloud, chances are it won’t take long for someone to mention security. Integrating and enhancing your company’s security posture to a cloud, or hybrid-cloud environment can be a challenge best faced with a trusted advisor and expert in the industry

The sheer volume and variety of data makes it difficult for IT departments to manage the security of information. Recent security incidents have demonstrated how even a single compromise could have a devastating impact to your business, and why cloud security has fast become a top priority for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

At AT&T, it is our business to help your business tackle that challenge. We’re focused on delivering integrated cloud solutions to help businesses move to the cloud confidently, with enhanced control, visibility, and security.

We provide innovative Cybersecurity solutions to address customers’ 3 key priorities: (1) Securing connections to the cloud over both the Internet and private networks, (2) establishing protections within the cloud, and (3) analyzing cloud threat data.

This new Cybersecurity Solutions Bundle includes:

  • Highly Secure Data – With AT&T Encryption Services, transmission encryption levels can be significantly strengthened before data is delivered over the public internet to the cloud for safe storage.
  • User-Based Security – AT&T now offers a robust Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution that provides visibility, threat protection, and compliance and data security policies across cloud services to protect company and customer data.
  • Integrated Networking Solutions – AT&T Virtual Private Network (VPN) combined with AT&T NetBond® for Cloud provides customers a private, highly secure way to quickly connect and scale to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions, connecting business locations to the cloud, around the globe.

Last year, we announced a strategic relationship with AWS to help users of cloud services hosted on AWS take advantage of AT&T’s cybersecurity expertise and capabilities. With this new Cybersecurity Solutions Bundle, we’re deepening this relationship, enabling users to experience the benefits that AWS has to offer while enhancing security protections against growing cyberthreats.

In the coming months, you will continue to see the results of our broader effort to help users connect, secure, and analyze enterprise cloud environments.

Mo Katibeh - SVP Advanced Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions

Mo Katibeh
Mo Katibeh SVP Advanced Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions