With nearly half of Americans involved with small businesses, either as owners or employees[1], small businesses have become a pillar of American business operations. They help us source unique or premium goods, offer top-notch customer care, and challenge larger corporations to innovate and create.

Our research found that of millennials aged 16-34, almost half are willing to pay more for a good or service to support a small business. Small businesses have a bright future, as younger generations look to seek out and invest in these organizations that represent a sense of “community.”

This week is National Small Business Week and AT&T is a proud supporter! To celebrate, we’re highlighting some of the best and brightest small business organizations we work with. We’ll also show the impact that they make on our everyday daily lives.  

We’ve taken the time to get to know our small business partners, and we’re using what we’ve learned in our operations to help them achieve their goals. Today, businesses of all shapes and sizes need and want to:

  • Stay connected. More than one third of consumers are not willing to go a day without Wi-Fi. Consumers specifically look for Wi-Fi in small businesses. Almost a quarter want in-store Wi-Fi available from a small business. We’re working to make staying connected possible, affordable and convenient so businesses can stay ahead.

  • Put up their guard. More than one third of consumers are concerned about the security of their information when shopping at a small business. The information small businesses keep is not that different from that of a larger business. Personally identifiable information — names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc. – is always desirable for a hacker. Further, small businesses could also be used as a stepping stone to their larger partners. We offer consulting services and security solutions to help small businesses keep the target off of their back.

  • Be ready on the run. Today’s fast pace means every business needs to be able to do work when and where needed. In the car on the way to a soccer game, or on a video conference call with participants around the globe, we help give businesses the options to do what they need.

For example, we recently shared how we’re helping Community Based Care stay protected. Check out @ATTSmallBiz on Twitter and our Small Business Week page throughout the week for more stories like this.

We look forward to sharing more stories this week on the great things small businesses have achieved. Remember to invest in “community” and shop small

[1] Statistics were drawn from three AT&T and Added Value surveys of mobile users conducted within the last 12 months: survey of 4,292 mobile users, July 29 – Aug. 28, 2016; survey of 4,737 mobile users, Jan. 4 – Feb. 1, 2017; survey of 3,206 mobile users, Feb. 1 – 26, 2017.

Anne Chow - President National Business

Anne Chow
Anne Chow President National Business