In the modern age of the internet we use multiple smart devices in our home. And we need Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of the house, no matter how big or small or how thick the walls. Wi-Fi dead zones should be a thing of the past. When we’re relaxing after a long day’s work, the only thing we should worry about is whether our football team is winning the game, not whether the Wi-Fi will stay connected.

That’s why we are introducing the new AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender1 – a state-of-the-art device that gives you the strongest Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire home. Its mesh technology keeps your devices connected as you move around, so you experience a seamless connection everywhere.  Now you can stream, download, surf, and work on your devices anywhere, worry free.2  No dropped connections as you step into the backyard. No more interruptions or watching the football freeze in mid-air.

The Smart Wi-Fi Extender not only boosts your coverage by up to 1,000 sq. ft. and reduces network congestion, but  it also automatically selects the best and fastest available connection for each of your in-home devices. And unlike 3rd party solutions that cost hundreds of dollars, AT&T customers can get the same technology for a fraction of the price. Because we believe having great Wi-Fi shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Welcome to an all-new Wi-Fi experience!

But why stop there?

We have also developed AT&T Smart Home Manager3 to give you an even better internet experience. The easy-to-use app is your new Wi-Fi concierge. Use it to personalize your Wi-Fi network name and password with just a few clicks. There is no need to ever write down your Wi-Fi password again, because somehow that piece of paper always gets lost anyways. You can also use the app to see who’s connected to your network, invite guests to your Wi-Fi with a simple text or email, and even chat with customer service in real time without having to call.

AT&T customers can find the AT&T Smart Home Manager App in the Google Play or Apple App Store, or by visiting to download onto your smartphone and to get access using your computer. Just sign in with your Internet Member ID or AT&T Access ID and password.

We are constantly updating the app with new features, so expect more great things!

An all new internet experience

We built our Wi-Fi technology to give you the best possible home internet experience, no matter how many new smart devices you get. Even better, it’s affordable as it should be.

So give it a try. We know you’ll be amazed.

1. Smart Wi-Fi Extender is a Wi-Fi signal extender designed for use with a BGW or 5268 Wi-Fi Gateway. Requires a separate purchase.

2. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi requires installation of a BGW or 5268 Wi-Fi Gateway. Standard with Internet plans (12M or higher), subject to availability.

3. AT&T Smart Home Manager is available to AT&T Internet service customers with a compatible AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway.  Limited to home Wi-Fi network.

Stephen Vincent, assistant vice president, In-Home Broadband, Wired Voice and Broadband Products

Stephen Vincent
Stephen Vincent assistant vice president, In-Home Broadband, Wired Voice and Broadband Products