We’re realizing the potential of the Internet of Things to connect more things in more places than we’ve ever seen.  A key mover is our LTE-M network in the U.S and Mexico.

LTE-M is a Low-Power Wide-Area network designed for IoT devices that are compact, require longer battery life and carrier-grade security, are mobile, and can work deep inside buildings and hard-to-reach places.

LTE-M is suited to support asset trackers, fleet tracking, smart watches, alarm panels, pet trackers, smart home appliances, patient monitors, gas/water meters and point-of-sale devices.

Early next year we plan to launch Voice over LTE (VoLTE) for LTE-M. VoLTE is ideal for voice-over security alarms and other mobility-based voice services.

And today, we rolled out groundbreaking One Rate pricing in the U.S. that will help more businesses take advantage of LTE-M by making pricing simple and affordable. We’re offering unlimited data for $30 per year for each IoT device.[i]

LTE-M is living up to its promise – effortlessly connecting “things” no one thought possible.

We launched the network in second quarter of 2017. And I hear about new possibilities every day.  Use cases are taking off -- from asset tracking to connected healthcare, vehicle solutions and more.

Track just about anything

LTE-M is ideal for asset tracking solutions for large and small businesses and consumers. It’s mobile, supports compact hardware, offers extended battery life with extended reach.

For example, with our AT1 asset tracker businesses can track valued equipment just about anywhere. It’s our first tracker designed for the LTE-M network and can be easily attached to just about anything. The device fits into the palm of your hand.

We’re the first carrier to offer Samsung's SmartThings Tracker. The lightweight GPS tracker attaches to things like backpacks, keys, laptop bags or even pet collars. You can save time searching for items that aren’t always where you think you left them. Our LTE-M network provides better coverage than Bluetooth to enable tracking just about anywhere nationwide.

Healthcare of the future

The same attributes make LTE-M ideal for healthcare solutions, too.

The Astute CTR-01TM Gateway Hub converts hospital and nursing home Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled medical devices to LTE-M. The gateway hub sends data to nurse and patient portal pages. This gives caregivers around-the-clock, remote access to patient status.

We’re working with Hanger to develop the industry's first standalone, network-connected device for prosthetic limbs. The LTE-M connection enables Hanger Clinic clinicians to receive data on patients’ prosthetic usage beyond the clinical setting. And because these insights are shared in near-real time, clinicians can proactively contact patients to address potential issues with their prostheses, such as fit and comfort, to enhance their mobility.

 We’re just getting started. Engineers at the AT&T Foundry in Houston at the Texas Medical Center, are focused on life-changing digital health solutions using LTE-M technology for our healthcare customers.

Vehicle ownership for the modern consumer

As a leader in the connected car space, it’s exciting to see what LTE-M is bringing to the vehicle and transportation ecosystem.

For example, we’re working with CarForce on a global solution that helps car dealerships, fleet managers, and repair shops better manage car maintenance and predict car issues before they happen. It’s vehicle ownership for the modern customer.

And with CallPass, we put LTE-M to work for the vehicle finance industry. The company is the first location-based services provider to use AT&T’s LTE-M to track or find financed or leased vehicles.

And Cartasite is using our LTE-M network to help enable fleet management solutions for the oil and gas and workers’ compensation insurance industries.

The LTE-M Button

We launched the LTE-M Button that lets customers perform tasks at the click of a button. The device is the size of a hockey puck and easily connects to LTE-M out of the box. No need to rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The possibilities are endless. Think of instant feedback for hotels or product delivery or trash pickups at the touch of a button. Place orders for tools or supplies right from a job site or on-the-go.

NarrowBand IoT

And it doesn’t stop at LTE-M. We’re launching another LPWA network early next year. NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) will help enable even more IoT applications across the U.S. and Mexico.

NB-IoT works best for stationary simple on-off or full-empty use case. Smoke detectors, smart parking sensors, smart agriculture sensors, electric meters, industrial monitors, building automation and water leak detection devices.

We plan to conduct commercial pilots of NB-IoT with enterprise customers in Chicago during the 4th quarter and in Phoenix early next year.

Then, we plan to launch NB-IoT in the U.S. in early 2019 and Mexico before end of 2019 to meet the growing needs of business customers for a wide range of IoT solutions.

Going global

LPWA networks are catching on globally. According to GSMA, there are 66 LTE-M and NB-IoT networks deployed in 30 markets on 6 continents.

AT&T is helping to fuel business transformation through edge-to-edge capabilities.

Putting NB-IoT in place to operate alongside our LTE-M network means we’re giving our customers a robust set of options to connect more “things” in more places than ever before.

[i] Plan Requirements:  Must use AT&T-approved IoT LTE-M device.  Each device must have a separate unlimited data plan.  Pooling data across devices is not available.  Plus applicable taxes and fees.  Charges not pro-rated if service cancelled before end of term.  Maximum throughout speed on unlimited plan is 64kbps. May not be used to establish a continuous, unattended connection to the AT&T network.  AT&T may proactively reassign customer to an IoT pooled data plan upon notice to customer, unless prohibited under customer’s agreement or regulation.