Subject: Santa’s 5G Wishlist


Santa Claus

The North Pole


Mo Katibeh

Chief Marketing Officer

AT&T Business

Dallas, Texas

Dear Mo,

I hope you remember your old friend Santa. After all, I did come through with that Acorn Computer you asked for back when you were a child in Wales. And it was a good choice, because look at you now – working for a big technology firm.

Listen, I know that I’m usually the guy everybody sends their wish list to. But I’m turning the idea on its head. Now it’s time for Santa to ask you for a few things.

Mrs. Claus says I need to upgrade the toy workshop. After years of doing things pretty much the same way, she figures it’s time for some changes. I’m not getting any younger, you know!

I’ve been reading about your plans to deploy 5G technology, and we’ve got a few ideas that could bring the old North Pole Toy Factory into the 21st Century.

The Wish List App

My first item is technically not 5G, but let’s face it - we’re about 10 years behind on moving to a fully integrated wish list app. I’m still getting hand-written letters from kids all over the world. Do you know how many elves it takes to compile that information? Probably not – but believe me, it’s a lot.

My dream is to use the app to build an integrated database. We can then use that database to discover the hot new toy trends and build highly efficient factories to make sure that every good girl and boy got the gifts they wanted. No more shortages of the top toys!

The Smart Factory

Mrs. Claus tells me the improvements from 5G should come on the factory floor. For years, we had elves making toys with their little hammers while singing the same old holiday songs.  We want to build a fully automated, hyper-connected assembly line. We want to deploy massive sensors throughout the factory connected via 5G.

Do you know how many different types of toys we have to make? We used to have to take down and put up new assembly lines! With 5G we will be able to modify our production in record time because we won’t have to run wires to every piece of machinery! It will be ALL wireless! 

And predictive maintenance will become a reality. Downtime in the factory should become a thing of the past.

Connected Robotics

Speaking of robots, what do you think about having elves work side-by-side with 5G connected robots on the assembly line. Robots! Who would ever have thought such a thing was possible?

Can you help us connect automated robots with 5G for extraordinarily precise navigation to help the elves stack and store the finished toys – down to centimeters? That means we can cram in even more presents and not worry about them getting stuck in the aisle!

Network Slicing

I’ve also read a little bit about something called Network Slicing. Most of my experience with slicing involves pumpkin pies, so you’ll have to help me out here. I understand that this new technology could mean that our factory could allocate bandwidth and latency for different functions. If that’s true, it could mean the new robots would operate with high data speeds and extremely low latency to handle precise jobs where response times are critical. But  our smart temperature sensors could have lower speeds and high latency because they only need to ping the network once every couple of minutes.

IoT Tracking

I need one more thing if we’re going to continue to deliver toys to every boy and girl in the world in one night. It involves AT&T’s Internet of Things technology. We need to  be able to track our toy shipments all over the globe. I can assure you that the reindeer will be grateful.

Mo, I know my list is long. But just think - Would you have become CMO had I not brought you that personal computer?

No, no, I’m not trying to guilt you into anything. But just remember, I’m still checking that naughty and nice list for kids of every age.

Merry Christmas