We believe technology plays a critical role in reducing carbon emissions. So, we’re using the power of our network to enable a more environmentally sustainable world. We’ve set a goal to enable carbon savings 10x the footprint of our operations by the end of 2025.

To meet this, we’re working to make our operations more efficient companywide. We’re also developing technology and services to help our customers do the same. With real estate covering more than 250 million square feet and about 247,000 locations, we’re using our IoT-enabled technologies to reduce electricity use and our carbon footprint.

We’ve developed a platform to track facility equipment data. This helps managers and technicians quickly identify maintenance and repair needs and assess overall building energy efficiency.

We started using the IoT-Enabled Building Energy Management system in late 2015. By the end of 2017, we were collecting more than 1.2 million pieces of information associated with 27,000 pieces of equipment at over 350 facilities.

Perhaps most importantly, the system has allowed our facility management to be proactive rather than reactive, which means our Energy team can reduce energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions. In 2017 alone, we used the system to identify 2,900 maintenance updates that enabled $925,000 in annualized electricity savings and a 9 million kWh energy reduction.

Our IoT-Enabled Building Energy Management service has been so successful for our own operations us that we’re offering the service to customers also looking to reduce energy costs and associated emissions. You can learn more about this consulting service by checking out our IoT Professional Services site at https://about.att.com/csr/10x.