Reducing Emissions through Connectivity

Connectivity powers our world. It propels growth, innovation, and societal progress. AT&T is harnessing the power of our connectivity to help our business customers reduce emissions at scale.

What is a Gigaton?

One billion metric tons


Connected Climate Initiative

Meeting global climate goals requires immense cooperation. AT&T is applying its global reach, resources and scale to form the Connected Climate Initiative. Through the Connected Climate Initiative, we are focused on:



Collaborating with technology leaders to bring to market new scaled product offerings that enable business progress and emissions reduction.



Investing in research with leading universities to explore how 5G can enable emissions reductions in key areas like transportation, energy and manufacturing.



Supporting new technologies that use connectivity to reduce emissions and help mitigate climate change.

AT&T’s Connected Climate Initiative includes a collection of climate leaders working to unleash the power of connectivity solutions including IoT, 5G and edge computing to reduce emissions.


Learn about the universities, businesses, and nonprofits we’re working with

Helping customers reduce emissions

Connectivity can help lower emissions and curb resource use in many ways. Our case studies highlight some of the sectors and situations where connected solutions create more sustainable approaches to business.

Scale Access to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with ChargePoint

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