70 winners announced as 2019 Solution Provider Champions 

By Kevin Leonard, Vice President of Alternate Channels, AT&T Business 

2018 was a pivotal year for the AT&T Alliance Channel.  With a fundamental shift and emphasis in the importance of indirect channels to AT&T’s distribution strategy, there has been significant investment to enable growth in this area.  

Whether it’s networking, VoIP, OTT (over the top), cloud, security, IoT or mobility solutions -- AT&T’s broad portfolio enables the solution providers to sell integrated solutions customers need to grow and transform their business.  This is why solution providers choose to sell AT&T solutions.  But they asked for improvements in the way we work together.  And we delivered. 

Investments came in a variety of ways including tooling and platforms, simplification in processes, expanded support, and a new commission model.  At the core of it all, these changes were about putting the solution provider in the middle of everything we do; making it easier and faster for our solution providers to sell more AT&T services, as well as more rewarding by offering them a choice of compensation plans.

Zee Hussain, senior vice president and channel chief, AT&T Partner Solutions recently said, "Our focus is on amping growth in the channel in a big way." 

Well, that is exactly what occurred in 2018.

In return for the investments made by AT&T, we asked the solution providers to deliver more.  They rose to the challenge and exceeded expectations by doubling sales production.  

This growth came from the solution providers who invested both in their relationship with AT&T and in their own firms and people to propel growth and stay current with technology trends. 

I couldn’t be more excited about our growth and momentum in the Alliance Channel.  To celebrate this success, I want to recognize the partners with whom we’re reaching new heights.

I am very proud to acknowledge the 70 firms who have achieved 2019 Solution Provider Champion status.  These companies are the top performers in the program based on their fiscal performance in 2018.

The Solution Provider Champions are recognized at Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Elite levels.  Congratulations to all our 2019 Champions.  It’s exciting to see the success these businesses achieve while leveraging our solutions. I anticipate the growth and momentum to continue in 2019 and beyond! 

Platinum Elite



  • ABS Communications LLC
  • ADCom
  • Advanced Communications, Inc.
  • Custom Communications III, LLC
  • Digital Management Solutions, Inc.
  • Firefly IT Asset Recovery, Inc.
  • Five Star Technology Group, LLC
  • Intelisys
  • Longboat Technology Group, LLC
  • Spring Business


  • Bridgepointe Technologies, Inc
  • Cactus Technology Solutions
  • Configure
  • Consulting and Marketing, Inc
  • Evergreen Telecom Services, LLC
  • EvoStream Communications LLC
  • KSJ Communications Inc
  • National Telecom Solutions
  • NetSpark IP & Telecom Inc.
  • Sandler Partners
  • Sunrise Communications Inc.
  • TCG/Telecom Consulting Group
  • Telapprise, LLC
  • Telarus, LLC
  • Teleproviders/Clarify360
  • Telesource, Inc.
  • The Portaro Group, Inc.
  • Trextel, LLC
  • Triple Play Wireless
  • Twin Lights Group, LLC
  • Vomoda Group, LLC
  • Wireless Intervention


  • 2nd Mile Solutions LLC
  • Americom II Inc
  • ATC Trading, Inc.
  • Atlantic Technology Group
  • Axiom Communications
  • BLU Telecommunication Inc
  • Convergent Telecom Consultants Inc
  • CPOA, Inc.
  • Credico
  • Cynergy Telecom
  • Global Communications Group, Inc.
  • Go2 Communications, Inc
  • HLP 1, LLC
  • Interface Technologies Inc
  • IS Network, Inc
  • Karis Marketing Group
  • L3 Networks, Inc.
  • Mobile Solutions Services Holdings LLC
  • NextGen Solutions LLC
  • PeakView Communications, Inc.
  • PlanetOne Communications, Inc.
  • ROI Communications Corp
  • Simplified Business Services, Inc.
  • Simplify, Inc.
  • Sombus Networks Inc
  • Spohn Consulting, Inc
  • Summit Ventures Group
  • System Communications LLC
  • TMI Communications
  • V3 Technology, Inc.
  • Vista Tech Solutions LLC