October will be the month to enjoy the new film directed by Asif Kapadia, Oscar winner for his work on the documentary Amy (Amy Winehouse) and creator of Senna (Ayrton Senna). Available exclusively on the DIRECTV Latin America channel, OnDIRECTV, and on the OTT service, DIRECTV GO.


Last may DIRECTV acquired the exclusive rights of the documentary “Diego Maradona”, which will be available on its OnDIRECTV entertainment channel that will also be seen on the over-the-top (OTT) DIRECTV GO service.

After being released in the last edition of Cannes and praised by critics, on Wednesday, October 2, the documentary directed by Asif Kapadia, director of the biographies of Ayrton Senna (Senna, 2010) and Amy Winehouse arrives on the OnDIRECTV signal (Amy, 2015).  Both films have been awarded by multiple institutions and it has more than 500 hours of unpublished audiovisual material that Maradona himself provided so that the English director could give more details of those details that were already known about his life. Focusing mainly on his passage through Naples, it will disclose the story of a football player whose unique talent on the field and what made him experience in his personal life the good and not so good of fame.

In this way OnDIRECTV reaffirms its commitment to the documentary genre after the exclusive broadcast of the multi-award-winning Amy in 2015 and documentaries such as "The Clinton Affair", "The Kennedy Files", “Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History”, “Weinstein: The Inside Story” or “The Vietnam War”.  Among the contents of the signal it is also worth highlighting besides European-origin series, films, recitals and programs such as "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" and "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", among others.

“We’re proud to continue supporting the incredible filmmaking of Asif Kapadia,” stated Willard Tressel, General Manager of OnDIRECTV, “first with Amy and now with Diego Maradona.  Kapadia’s unique storytelling skills are clearly on display as he gives us his multilayered look into the hero, myth and legend of Maradona.”

For those who wish to access DIRECTV GO, the OTT service is available for anyone who wants to subscribe to a monthly plan in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay, as well as for customers of the DIRECTV satellite TV service, both prepaid as postpaid, in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay as a benefit without additional charge.

Diego Maradona

Wednesday October 2

  • 9.30 p.m. in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay
  • 10.30 p.m. in Venezuela

Scheduling information:

  • OnDIRECTV SD (Channel 201)
  • OnDIRECTV SD (Channel 1201)

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