Bringing free entertainment directly to personal devices across hospital campuses  

If we look at hospitals over the last decade, the reality was that entertainment was not the norm for patients and their families. You likely came across a television in the waiting room or cafeteria stuck on one local news or sports channel.

And who wanted to be the one to get up and switch it? Chances are the lone television stayed fixed on one station for days at a time.

Here we are in 2019 with patient experience as a leading factor on how hospitals provide care and offer entertainment options. Next week at HIMSS we are adding to those entertainment options.

Hospitals using DIRECTV for Business, can now upgrade their service to offer free DIRECTV via any Wi-Fi enabled device throughout an entire hospital campus, greatly expanding their television viewing options.

For example, family members can all watch what they want on their own devices in a patient room, waiting rooms, lobbies or cafeteria. This is done with DIRECTV’s COM3000 4K Headend Solution.

“If a patient or visitor wants entertainment, then we want to give them content options,” said Maria Lensing, Vice President, Global Business Healthcare Solutions, AT&T Business. “This is something hospitals have been looking for. This type of service will allow hospitals to provide a new level of entertainment with free DIRECTV anywhere in the hospital, on any personal device. This allows for each person to select exactly what interests them and control how they watch their favorite shows and movies.”  

Patient loyalty is a big deal in the healthcare industry. By extending DIRECTV to the hands of patients and visitor’s personal devices, we are largely expanding their entertainment options.

This is one more way we are supporting healthcare organizations as they transform the patient experience and make those staying feel a little more at home. 

DIRECTV’s COM3000 4K Headend Solution is currently available for healthcare, hospitality and enterprise industries. For more information, please visit our website.