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If you’ve walked around downtown Dallas recently, you’ve seen firsthand that we’re hard at work creating the AT&T Discovery District. We’re continuing to hit major milestones as we transform our headquarter campus into a local destination for everyone.  

Just this morning, we announced the Dallas Cowboys are bringing their world-class fitness center, Cowboys Fit, to our campus this winter. And don’t forget Richard Ellman’s newest restaurant, Hawthorn, will also open later this year.  

But that’s just the beginning. I’m excited to share some big updates from the construction site:


Tech-Forward and Experiential

It’s only fitting that the AT&T Discovery District will have the latest in 5G technology. We plan to bring 5G experiences to life in the district as early as the end of this year, where we expect to offer ultra-fast 5G wireless speeds rivaling today’s wireline broadband.  We also plan to have state-of-the-art Wi-Fi to help keep you connected, even without a 5G-capable device – whether you’re working from the plaza or livestreaming an event in the district to share with your friends.  

Visitors will also be able to experience our state-of-the-art media wall. Visible on a city-scape level, our new 104-foot-tall, 6K media wall will activate the plaza and add to the experience of being in the district. It will entertain, inform and set the mood– unlike anything you’ve ever seen in Dallas.

Day to day, the media wall will create a unique, artful backdrop that sets a relaxing mood for those hanging out in the district. But for special occasions, we’ll host watch parties to celebrate certain sporting events or show the latest movies from our WarnerMedia companies on the big screen. We’ll preview the latest movie trailers and host family-friendly movie nights on the weekends.

Picture this: on a regular weekly schedule, the entire plaza will be brought to life with lights and sound in a visual spectacular. This will be part of the standard daily programming for the district and free for anyone to experience who is in the Discovery District at that time.


Experience The Globe

A new 30-foot sculpture in a spherical shape will be the most distinct element in the district. Visible anywhere in the plaza, The Globe will be both art and an interactive experience. Covered with a mirrored outer surface, it reflects the people and buildings around it.

But walk inside and it will sense your presence, immersing you in light and sound. As you move, it will respond, creating an interactive experience. Strike an Instagrammable pose, or just enjoy the moment!


Bringing It All to Life

Soon the AT&T Discovery District will be your go-to spot to hang out with your friends and family – and the entire district will be connected by 5G, making it even easier to share your experiences with those who aren’t with you.  

Here’s a look at what you can expect to enjoy when you’re at the district:

  • A diverse selection of destination-worthy food and drink, including Hawthorn and the Food Hall and Beer Garden
  • Watch parties for sporting and entertainment events, and performances from local musicians
  • Access to exclusive entertainment experiences from WarnerMedia, like movie props, costume exhibits and more
  • Art gallery exhibits and showcases  

And that isn’t all. We’ll have more exciting announcements and updates to share with you in the coming months. We can’t wait for you to discover all the AT&T Discovery District has to offer.

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