The new episodes of the series directed by Daniel Calparsoro are set to feature the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium as the center stage

Latin American performers led by Roberto Enríquez and Patricia Vico join the cast

The second season of "Todo Por el Juego” is currently being produced in Madrid, co-produced jointly by The Mediapro Studio and DIRECTV Latin America. After its first edition, the series led the rating on OnDIRECTV, DIRECTV's exclusive channel in Latin America, as well as on all the digital listings of the TV platform of the paid TV operator DIRECTV Play, positioning itself with excellent results in the On Demand format, where users can see it in binge watching mode.

The co-production between DIRECTV Latin America and THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, based on "El Fútbol No Es Así", a novel by Javier Tebas -president of La Liga-, and Pedro Torrens, "Todo Por el Juego", shows the chiaroscuros of the king of sports. Corruption mixes with power, politics and money in this series directed by Daniel Calparsoro (“Cien años de perdón”, “A ciegas”, “El castigo”) and it will premiere its second season for Latin American audiences on OnDIRECTV and once again in channel #0 of Movistar Spain.

The team of scriptwriters led by Abraham Sastre (“La víctima número 8”, “El Internado”, “Los hombres de Paco”, 1ª temporada “Todo por el juego”),  along with Calparsoro, have written new 8 episodes in which they will present the characters in all their depth. The main characters have lost their innocence and now defend their interests with ferocity, because they are clear about the high price, they must pay to achieve their ambitions.

"Todo Por el Juego", which also features Germán Aparicio, Tom Fernández and Alejo Flah among its team of scriptwriters, has been very well received because it expertly dramatizes stories inspired by real events. In the second season, the story, as well as the new characters, will surely be the much talked about tendency topic,” commented Willard Tressel, General Manager of OnDIRECTV.

Todo Por el Juego has stood out for its high production standards and legitimacy in history.  In this second season the Wanda Metropolitano will be the production’s main stage and highlight given the fact that this is an important sport’s venue, owned by the Club Atlético of Madrid. 

"In the second season, the characters have been developed even deeper and the female protagonists have been visibly empowered," explained Daniel Calparsoro, "We introduce irony as a new element to make sure that the characters go through extreme situations without any signs of frivolity, yet suffering less because they will no longer be first-timers. Cynicism and irony permeate the series’ narrative hovering over the dark pure and simple drama."

The first season’s main cast, led by Roberto Enríquez, Patricia Vico, Pedro Casablanc, Mariam Álvarez, María Molins, José Ángel Egido, Andrés Gertrudix, María de Nati and Joaquín Abad, among others, adds greater weight to the originally Latin American cast, which is the case of the Mexican Roberto Romano and the Argentine cast Agustín Pardella, Juan Martín Gravina and Noelia Castaño.