Spotlight on Madeleine Sepulveda: providing comfort and love

This year, we launched the Community Impact Award to recognize employees who make a positive impact in their world. We received hundreds of nominations and stories of employees who live our value to make a difference. Our employees voted for the story that resonated with them most. We’re pleased to introduce you to the VRIO Community Impact Award winner.

Madeleine Sepúlveda


Ejecutivo Back Office Cliente

Buin, Chile

Growing up, Madeleine Sepúlveda was a Girl Scout for 12 years. The organization had a strong impact on her youth, instilling important values ​​of loyalty, honesty and helping others, while developing her appreciation for nature and animals. Years later, Madeline discovered her love for horses when she visited the Kawell Wenüy Equine Therapy School.

“I love horses because they are strong, loyal, elegant, and have huge eyes that seem to absorb and transport you to another world,” Madeleine said. “If you can connect with them, they will take you to a space without words. I often say they are angels who can read your mind and heart without speaking.”

The Kawell Wenüy Equine Therapy School has a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including speech therapists, occupational therapists, and psychologists, that work with rescue horses to improve the lives of patients with different physical and mental needs. Madeline volunteers at the school every weekend, cleaning stables, caring for the horses, and assisting during therapy sessions.

Her time spent volunteering is doubly rewarding because not only does she get to spend time with the horses she loves, but she also helps provide support, friendship and comfort to the school’s patients.

Madeleine and one of the therapy horses, Paloma.