Spotlight on Loretta Boatey: making an impact in the remote areas of West Africa

For nearly 4 decades, the Richard D. Parsons Community Impact Awards have recognized WarnerMedia employees who make a positive impact in their world. We received hundreds of nominations and stories of employees who live our value to make a difference. Employees voted for the story that resonated with them most. We’re pleased to introduce you to the Richard D. Parsons Community Impact Award “Excellence in Service” winner.

Loretta Boatey

WarnerMedia Entertainment/HBO

Media Software Engineering

New York, NY

Loretta Boatey’s family originates from the West African country of Ghana. Her heritage inspired her to volunteer with the West African Health Foundation (WAHF), a nonprofit which aims to promote health in West Africa through wellness education and disease prevention. “Many people throughout Africa do not have access to basic medical needs and are unable to afford it,” Loretta said. “Some end up dying from ailments that could have been prevented with education and access to medical facilities – things we take for granted in the U.S.”

Loretta started working with WAHF in 2014. As part of her volunteer work, she goes on medical mission trips each year to Ghana, supporting doctors with patient care and health screenings, as well as hosting seminars on wellness, nutrition, personal hygiene and healthy habits. Loretta also uses her marketing and social media expertise to help secure new sponsorships and organize WAHF’s annual fundraising galas in the New York and New Jersey area.

“The people of Ghana are some of the kindest I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around. It’s such an incredible feeling to know that what may seem like a little thing may contribute to someone’s life in a big way. Becoming an active committee member of WAHF presented an opportunity for me to help the less fortunate through an organization that shares both my love and concerns.”