2nd Annual $1 Million AT&T Skills Building Challenge Now Accepting Applications

For- and Non-Profit Companies Invited to Apply to 2nd Annual Challenge Exploring Impacts of AT&T 5G on Ed-Tech

AT&T is looking for ed-tech startups working to redefine how students prepare for promising futures.

For the second year in a row, the AT&T Aspire Accelerator is hosting a $1 Million Skills Building Challenge to locate, support and mentor eight startups using technology to prepare students for success in the classroom and beyond.

Applications may be submitted here until Jan 27.

“Technology is changing the learning experience in ways never before imagined ,” said Anne Wintroub, director of Corporate Social Responsibility at AT&T. “And it’s entrepreneurs in the ed-tech space that are leading the way.”

Selected applicants will receive $125,000 as part of their participation in the 6-month Accelerator program, where they’ll have access to AT&T’s senior executives and mentoring from leading minds in education and entrepreneurship.

New in 2020, the Accelerator program will also allow companies to explore the potential of 5G, and how AT&T’s network could impact their business models and the larger education landscape.

“Much like 4G introduced the world to the gig economy, mobile 5G will jumpstart the next wave of unforeseen innovation,” said Matt Hickey, vice president, AT&T Global Public Sector. “5G will eventually power future smart factories, self-driving cars, virtual and augmented realities. Companies selected into the 2020 Aspire Accelerator may begin to show us how 5G will change education.”

AT&T’s broad coverage 5G is available in 19 markets with plans to offer service nationwide in the first half of this year, and our ultra-fast mobile 5G+ is now live in parts of 35 cities.

More about the AT&T Skills Building Challenge offered through the Aspire Accelerator:

  • Aspire Investment – $100,000 AT&T investment and an additional $25,000 for each company to cover costs of the program. For non-profit companies, the investment will be a general contribution. They receive this in exchange for participating in the Accelerator and meeting certain requirements, including submitting impact measurements.
  • Mentorship – Access to an Entrepreneur in Residence and AT&T and external mentors from education and technology.
  • Resources – UI/UX design services and opportunities to participate in education conferences such as ISTE.
  • National Platform – Inclusion in broader AT&T Aspire initiative, which is committed to driving innovation in education, skilling and career readiness.
  • Flexible Location – Organizations can participate from where they are, without relocating.

Accelerator advisors and mentors include, among others, Charles Best, founder and CEO, DonorsChoose.org; Kimberly Bryant, founder, Black Girls CODE; Betsy Corcoran, co-founder and CEO, EdSurge; and Sebastian Thrun, founder and president of Udacity.

The 35 previous Accelerator participants thrived in the program, collectively reaching more than 32 million students and attracting more than $48 million in funding after graduation.

Aspire Accelerator alumni include Bitsbox,  Boddle Learning, Caribu, CommonLit (501(c)3), Couragion, GradGuru (501(c)3), The Graide Network, LearnPlatform, Move This World, PlayPosit, Quill (501(c)3), TalkingPoints (501(c)3) and Wildcards.