People are on the move and the need for connectivity moves with us. AT&T 5G helps communities stay connected to fast, reliable and secure mobile experiences to help simplify, enhance and change lives.  

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The AT&T Nationwide 5G network serves nearly 288 million people in nearly 24,000 cities and towns across the U.S.

AT&T 5G+ is even faster and more responsive giving customers reliable connectivity for the most demanding apps, services and new 5G innovations. From gaming to streaming to improving network resiliency, 5G+ will make it all feel seamless. Learn more about 5G+ coverage and 5G coverage here.

AT&T has the solutions our customers need to connect to greater possibility. AT&T 5G unlocks new mobile experiences and drives the next wave of innovation for consumers, businesses, first responders and government agencies with fast, reliable and secure connectivity. And AT&T Fiber, the backbone of our wireless network, makes our 5G network stronger. Our combination of 5G and fiber helps people stay connected at home, at work or wherever they are.