AT&T and iHeartMedia Donating Thousands of Phone Chargers to Hospitals Nationwide

Donations are part of cross-carrier COVID-19 relief effort

With so many people in the hospital for Coronavirus treatment, some even fighting for their lives, a lot of patients aren't prepared for a lengthy stay, which means that they are lacking essentials — like a cell phone charger. Although these hospitals have been doing everything they can to come up with simple necessities, the need for these items largely outweighs their ability to provide them to everyone in need. 

Which is why AT&T has collaborated with iHeartMedia on a cross-carrier effort to donate thousands of phone chargers to hospitals in cities across the country that have been hit the hardest by the virus, so that staying in touch is a little bit easier.

“Throughout this unique time, we have to support and take care of each other anyway we can - big or small,” said Valerie Vargas, SVP of Advertising and Creative Services, AT&T.  “We will continue to do our part in keeping those hospitalized or quarantined away from their families connected and make a positive impact.”

For many patients, their cell phone is their lifeline to their loved ones. And because COVID-19 affects the lungs, patients have a hard time breathing, let alone speaking — so they rely on their cell phones to text to be able to communicate. VP of Development Beth S. Tepper at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center says that chargers will be so helpful "for patients and staff to stay connected to their loved ones during the time they are in the hospital. For patients, their phones may be the only way they can hear their family for days and sometimes weeks. And for staff working long shifts and focusing their attention on patient care, it helps them to be able to connect with those at home who are worried about them too."

While battling this illness is hard enough — staying connected shouldn't be.