Responding with Resilience: Mental Wellness in EMS

Every day, EMS professionals show up to help people at some of the most difficult moments in their lives. The stressors and emotions involved in the EMS environment are immense based on what they encounter on the job. And in the aftermath of COVID-19, there are going to be a lot of paramedics and EMTs who’ll need to talk about what they’ve experienced. 

The National Association of EMTs (NAEMT), with support from FirstNet®, has convened a group of excellent mental health professionals in emergency services to develop a curriculum to help EMS professionals cope with the stressors of the job. It’s launching at an EMS conference this fall.

Hear how these first responders maintain their mental wellness in the face of what they see and hear daily - Responding With Resilience: Mental Wellness in EMS

Additionally, read this perspective from Bruce Evans, Fire Chief, Upper Pine River Fire Protection District and President of the National Association of EMTs about why health and wellness among EMS personnel is so critical.

Earlier this year, we established the FirstNet Health & Wellness Coalition to coordinate how we support holistic health and wellness of first responders. The Coalition is integrating responder, community, industry and academic capabilities to support the health, wellness and readiness of America’s first responders. We’re focused on collaborating with organizations to support healthy, well and resilient first responders that are ready to support public safety at a moment’s notice. The Coalition serves as the backbone to everything we do to support the health and wellbeing of first responders.

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