Time to find a great patio and break out the chips, salsa and guacamole – Cinco de Mayo is here! Before you head out to celebrate, check out these apps to help get your fiesta started.

Cinco de Mayo Cookbook

Fresh, spicy and delicious. For only $0.99, this app is a great investment for your Cinco de Mayo festivities or any Mexican food night during the year. The cookbook showcases authentic, flavorful recipes that are easy for anyone to recreate!

Picture It!

Don’t have a sombrero handy? No problem! After you snap a picture tonight, just download the free app Picture It! to use one of the 54 Cinco de Mayo themed images to really dress up your pics. This app is great to have on hand to make any holiday shot look hilariously amazing. Themed images range from Fourth of July to Mother’s Day!

Hit the Pinata

You played it in the backyard at birthday parties and now you can enjoy it from the palm of your hand. The free pinata party game is a fun and festive to break out while you’re at your fiesta tonight! 

Mexican Radio Recorder

Set the mood at your office or Cinco de Mayo party by downloading the free Mexican Radio Recorder that allows you to play and record Mexican radio station(s) of your choice. Enjoy over 100 Mexican radio stations including sub genres like pop, rock, hip hop, R&B, dance, top 40 and more. You can also stay up to date with Mexican music and entertainment news updates.

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta DIY

This do-it-yourself app includes everything you need to know to throw your own Cinco de Mayo celebration. The app (available for $0.99) even gives you a history lesson on the reason we celebrate the May holiday. This is everything you will need for your party - from recipes to a music playlist – all in one app!