By: Laura Hernandez, Executive Director for Product Marketing Management at AT&T

Mother’s Day may have passed but, AT&T is celebrating moms all month with Mother’s May. That’s because a single day isn’t enough to honor all the “Super Moms” who provide so much love and inspiration. As part of this celebration, we’re sharing the stories of 4 awesome moms in our #PowerLatinas Blog Series.

I sat down with Kathy Cano-Murillo from the hit artsy site Crafty Chica. We discuss things like motherhood, how tech and family collide for her and much more.

Q. How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?

A. It’s almost like the whole week is Mother’s Day for my family! We have a big multigenerational Mexican family with great grandmas, aunts and daughters. We will celebrate with my husband’s family, my side of the family, and then my children will do something special for me. We actually end up with 3 or 4 different Mother’s Day celebrations!

Q. How has motherhood inspired your work?

A. I started blogging to share the everyday stories of my kids. I strictly wrote – no pictures back then. Now, I love that I can look back on all those posts I made because they’re so full of detail. I was in the moment. That’s when I realized the power of blogging and technology. It helps me keep track of all those sweet memories.

Q. What does being a “Super Mom” mean to you?

A. I think being a “Super Mom” means always focusing on your relationship with your kids. And always set a good example for their futures. Though, sometimes it just comes down to love and cuddles. I feel strongly about teaching our kids to love, have empathy and do their best.

Q. How has tech played a role in raising your children?

A. Technology has brought us closer together. My daughter and son also have their blogging platform. Both of my kids grew up with technology because of me. They always saw me embracing new tools and platforms that were out there. And now they blog because of me. When they are out, I can always check-in and they’ll respond with a text. If they comment on or like a Facebook or Instagram photo while I’m traveling, it makes my entire day. It keeps us connected. It’s keeps us in touch whether they’re down the street or miles away—and it’s fun!

Q: We’re so proud to be recognizing you as an AT&T “Super Mom.” We love honoring amazing Latina digital mom-prenuers like yourself. How does it make you feel to be a part of this?

A. I am so honored! I think it’s wonderful AT&T is recognizing that technology is a big part of motherhood. We live in a digital world. And we want to equip our kids for the future. We have to educate ourselves through technology so that we can help guide them through life and towards success. It helps us be better “Super Moms.”

To learn more about Kathy and her adventures in being a Super Mom, check out her blog at or follow @CrafyChica on Twitter.

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