Check your social feed. Is it full of friends and family taking their best selfie? That’s because, in part, today is National Selfie Day. 

So, whether you’re at the office or on the beach, show off your best side in a selfie.

5 quick tips to make you look like a pro:

  1. Check the lighting. Pictures in general turn out better when the subject is facing the light.
  2. Keep your hand still. Using the photo timer on your phone is a big help. It removes the accidental blurr, caused by pressing your camera button too hard.
  3. Landscape, landscape, landscape. Landscape makes your photo more visually pleasing and enjoyable to see on a wide screen.
  4. Take photos with people! Adding people to your pictures makes them more personal, memorable and gives a sense of scale and place. Dually anyone?
  5. Use photo-editing tools. Take advantage of the powerful editing tools and apps your smartphones offer. They’ll help you crop, enhance colors, add filters and more. Bonus tip: It’s better to crop than zoom. And add any filters after you take the shot.

Follow these simple tips, and you’ll be taking photos like a pro in no time! And, don’t forget to share your favorite selfie on your social channels to show off your new skills.