By Victor Tiburcio, Chief Marketing Officer 

AT&T is now in Mexico.

We wanted to bring you something better. So we have plans that are shaking up the Mexican market.

Though we’re new to Mexico, you’ll find us many places. And your phone screen is one of them. Literally overnight, “AT&T” has started to appear on people’s mobile phones.

What does this mean?

Our 4G LTE network is now available to nearly 45 million people in 42 Mexican cities, including Mexico City. If you visit one of our cities and “AT&T” appears on your device, you can now access the 4G LTE network.  That means speeds 6x faster than the 3G network.

Plus, customers in Mexico are now learning what it means for AT&T to mobilize their world.

 This new campaign focuses on connecting our 137 million customers in Mexico and the U.S.

This change is much bigger than “AT&T” appearing on your smartphone. It means we’re in Mexico to stay. It also means Mexico joins an innovation and communication wave driving business and connecting people worldwide.

You’ll see us everywhere in the following weeks, starting with your screen. This is only the beginning…