Did you miss Monday's Business Circle Live Q&A Event? Not to worry - we have all the details.

Co-founder of Gilt Groupe, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, helped to take the popular online retailer, Gilt, from a start-up idea to a mature global enterprise in its seven short years. Recently, Wilson accepted a new role as the CEO of GLAMSQUAD, a company that accommodates the modern woman’s hectic schedule by sending beauty professionals to women in their homes or workplaces to help them “glam up” in comfort. Both Gilt and GLAMSQUAD not only offer customers highly desirable products and services, but they do so using innovative concepts and technology: e.g., Gilt’s exclusive online sample sales and GLAMSQUAD’s app-based on-the-go services.

During the Business Circle Live Event, Wilson shared tips, strategies, learnings, and insights, as well as her philosophies around how colleagues can best succeed together. She talked about:

  • How businesses can use social media to their advantage.
  • The importance of trusting your team.
  • How to maintain brand loyalty by surprising your customers.
  • How to determine the difference between what’s “urgent” and what’s important for long-term growth.
  • How to use people’s strengths to further business initiatives.
  • How to decide which ideas to pursue, and when.

Watch the video above and learn more about Alexandra and her background on the Business Circle.