April 17, 2024

AT&T Business Reunites Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Craig Robinson, and more for “Dream with Rainn”

Together they launch a new product to demonstrate how AT&T’s Next Level Network supports small businesses where they need it most.

Sleep with Rain | Rainn Wilson Founder/CEO

Key Takeaways:

  • AT&T is setting a new standard for networking with fiber and 5G reliability, security built into the network, and experts who know business.
  • AT&T Business is reuniting beloved TV stars Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Craig Robinson, Creed Bratton, Kate Flannery, and Brian Baumgartner in a new creative advertising campaign, “Sleep with Rain.”
  • Together, they demonstrate the value that AT&T Business and the Next Level Network as we follow them through their journey to launch a unique sleep product from the mind of Rainn Wilson.
  • Chaos ensues in the offices of “Dream with Rainn,” given the actors running it, but it’s clear that the Next Level Network from AT&T Business is there to help.

Campaign Overview

AT&T Business is bringing together Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Craig Robinson, Creed Bratton, Kate Flannery, and Brian Baumgartner on their journey to start a new company and launch a new product, all powered by AT&T Business. 

We know our small business customers wear many hats and often find themselves in high-pressure scenarios that rely on the AT&T Network to get the job done. These ‘Next Level Moments’ need the Next Level Network.

This campaign leans into the adaptability required to start a small business, but with a comedic twist thanks to the beloved TV stars.

The Pitch

Speculation grew with Rainn Wilson’s LinkedIn posts and Instagram teaser, until a new commercial aired on Masters Sunday confirmed the rumors – Rainn Wilson is teaming up with AT&T Business to help launch Dream with Rainn.

In the commercial, Rainn declares he has a business idea that just might “change the world.” His idea – an innovative sleep aid pillow with Rainn’s voice incorporated alongside soothing sounds and inscribed: “Sleep with Rain.”

So, Rainn turns to his trusted former colleagues – Jenna Fischer, Craig Robinson, Brian Baumgartner, Creed Bratton, and Kate Flannery – to see who’s in.

The Launch

In the spot, we see Dream with Rainn’s leadership team gear up for launch day. Thankfully everyone is on board, but the level of dedication ranges as they prepare for the biggest – and only – launch in the company’s history.

“There’s never a dull moment when we get this crew together! As the social media manager in this business, I’m beyond thankful we have AT&T Business to share the chaos with the world,” said Fischer.

Despite hilarious and perhaps not surprising obstacles, Rainn’s dream becomes a reality thanks to the reliability of AT&T Business.

Sleep with Rain

This evolution of the Next Level Network campaign celebrates the joyful chaos of the small business world, and how having an expert like AT&T Business by your side can help. AT&T recognizes that running a business brings new challenges – some anticipated, others unexpected.

The full-length “Sleep with Rain” content gives a deeper look into the lead up to launch day – and embodies an unfiltered look through the lens of their social media manager.

With AT&T Business by your side, anyone can turn their small business dreams into a reality. Because we all know – if you can’t sleep, you can’t dream 😉

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