Nobody likes data suckers.

What exactly are data suckers, you ask? Unfortunately, some of the things we do most are the worst data suckers. From watching a replay of last night’s basketball game to streaming that new song you just heard on the radio, you’re using up data. Here are a few tips to keep your data sucking to a minimum, while still getting to enjoy those songs and videos.

1) Before you start conserving, find out what you actually use. Our data calculator estimates your monthly usage.

2) Save those videos for later. This popular video hosting site lets you download certain videos to watch later—like on that train ride home without Wi-Fi. Here’s how.

3) And save those songs for later. Many streaming music apps give you an offline mode. Use your Wi-Fi at home to download a playlist and enjoy the songs in offline mode once you’ve stepped out.

4) Quantity over quality. Reducing the quality of that video you’re streaming can greatly affect your data consumption.

5) Disable that pesky auto-play. You’re scrolling through your social media feed and the videos automatically start playing for you. How thoughtful of them! But this feature can use up a lot of your data. Simply switch it off in your settings. Within the app, go to Settings > (General Settings) Auto-Play videos on Wi-Fi only.