Road Trips can be a blast and something for an entire group to enjoy. It’s also true that road trips can become long, in turn, making everyone fidgety and restless. We can play the license plate game or even sing along to show tunes but that only lasts for so long. Have no fear! We’ve got the devices and accessories to help keep those in the backseat entertained!

Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ allow you to watch movies on the road. The screen adjusts to light, making your favorite movies pop, even with the sun streaming in.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you can make your trip more productive (if you want.) It takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. Open two apps side by side* and easily switch between them. With the built in S Pen, you can jot down a quick reminder or even mark up a PDF file.

If you’re less interested in spending time with a device classic games are always dependable.

  • Storytelling: Depending on how many people you have in the car, each person goes around one by one telling a sentence each to build a story. It might not have a shocking plot twist but it definitely keeps the driver entertained without becoming distracted.
  •  Who Am I in 20 Questions? : Everyone has to figure out who each person is pretending to be depending on their yes or no answers to your twenty questions.
  •  Travel Scavenger Hunt: Before heading out on the road, create a list of items and clues to track down along the way. The game can be difficult or simple depending the types of items you choose to look for. 

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No post, glance, email, or text is worth a life.  Remember to keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone.  It Can Wait

*Multi-Window does not support all applications.