AT&T Business Launches Its First Mobile 5G Phone with the 

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Our New AT&T Business Unlimited Preferred Plan includes Access to the AT&T 5G mmWave Network at No Additional Cost

AT&T Creator Community Continues to Build the Highway to New 5G Experiences

On June 17, AT&T* will begin making the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G available to AT&T Business customers and 5G developers through the AT&T Developer Program. This innovation ecosystem will kickstart the next generation of connected experiences and help define what 5G can do for everyone. 

Customers on the new AT&T Business Unlimited Preferred plan can use the Galaxy S10 5G, Samsung’s first 5G device and the most advanced phone in the S Series, on our 5G mmWave (5G+) network. Our 5G+ network is available today in very limited parts of 19 cities1, with plans to reach parts of at least 30 cities. For a limited time, businesses can order the Galaxy S10 5G with 256GB internal memory through their AT&T account representatives for $999.99, the same price as our 128GB LTE Galaxy S10+.

“Businesses are leading the charge on the nation’s first mobile 5G network, and this is the next step in unlocking 5G’s full potential for those early adopters and innovators,” said Mo Katibeh, Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Business. “With mobile 5G a core tenet of our 5G strategy for businesses, we’re making this amazing new device available so that the business community can begin creating new experiences and drive the next industrial revolution through unprecedented mobile capabilities.”

Our Business Unlimited Preferred plan gives businesses the connectivity and features to be truly mobile. With 20 GB of tethering and a Private Wi-Fi app, the plan helps customers keep their  new Samsung S10 5G connected and highly secure while on the go. Prices start at $90/month with AutoPay for a single line.2

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the first smartphone capable of  putting the  power of our 5G+ network to work for you. It’s a supercharged Galaxy device—with the biggest screen, all-day intelligent battery3, and most advanced pro-grade camera system in the S10 line, including a sixth 3D Depth-Sensing camera which uses Time of Flight technology to let you capture video with a stunning blur effect.


Just like we did when our 3G network revolutionized smartphones, AT&T is now kicking off 5G awareness and training programs for our 100K+ strong community of creators and developers. To further accelerate the impact 5G will bring, AT&T is calling on our most engaged and innovative members to bring their best ideas forward.

The AT&T Developer Program is challenging a group of developers to bring the future to our fingertips by providing them with a Galaxy S10 5G.

After attending AT&T SHAPE on June 22 and 23 in Los Angeles, these developers will be among the first to get their hands on the Galaxy S10 5G this summer with service at no cost through the end of the year. They will then be asked to push the limits of 5G and present their ideas for innovation during our first-ever 5G hackathon in Los Angeles later this year, where they will have the chance to win $100,000 in cash prizes alongside other exciting prizes.

AT&T is also seeding qualified creators who follow us at with virtual reality and mixed reality headsets to bring their stories to life. They will then compete for $100,000 of cash prizes in our 7th edition AT&T Film Awards.

AT&T is proud to support these great minds as they foster what is to come. Their innovation is an important element to our future and yours through the power of 5G.