This week we covered the ZTE Spro 2, Kip the Cat and the AT&T Access More Card from Citi. Here's a recap, in case you missed it.

ZTE Spro 2

Be the first to get your hands on the award winning ZTE Spro 2™ Smart Projector; coming to AT&T exclusively starting today!


Kip the Cat

Kip, a 12-year-old, housecat escaped out of a window and was missing for three days. Kip’s owner, Dawn, posted flyers, engaged the support of family and neighbors and contacted animal shelters and the local police. For three nights she slept with the window open and her head next to the screen in hopes of hearing Kip. It then occurred to her to use her AT&T Digital Life security system to try and find Kip. Dawn programmed her Digital Life system to notify her when the cameras detected motion. This was the solution that found her cat outside her door.

AT&T Access More Card from Citi

With the new AT&T Access More card, cardmembers can get a new smartphone right away, or whenever they are ready, and earn a reimbursement for the cost of the phone.