By: Tom Hughes

To run your business, you need a reliable network. In the office you need a dependable internet connection. Outside of it, a wireless network with expansive 4G LTE coverage. You need your network to be like air.  It is there even though you don’t notice it.

Consider our customer, Montrose Pet Hospital.

Dr. Kym Mitchell worked as part of a large veterinary practice for years before starting her own clinic. Driven by a love for animals and a vision of providing compassionate care more efficiently, she set out to create a new kind of practice. Dr. Mitchell wanted to be responsive to her furry patients and their owners, both during and after hours, whether she was in the office or not. When dealing with a severely ill or injured pet, she needed a way to communicate quickly with specialists. These needs call for a highly reliable network, like AT&T’s, providing Dr. Mitchell the confidence she needs to focus on her patients without worrying about her communications network.

With highly reliable high-speed broadband, she’s able to quickly email X-rays or lab reports to specialists. “Occasionally you’re going to have cases that are life and death,” she explained. “I can take an X-ray and email it to a radiologist and get results back in 5 minutes if it’s a stat request.”

A highly reliable wireless network lets Dr. Mitchell respond to patients, the clinic or specialists – no matter where she is.  “It’s great if someone doesn’t have to worry about their pet all night,” she continued. “I like not having an in-between person deciding what’s important and what’s not. I can respond if it’s something that I want to take care of right away to give our clients peace of mind.”

Reliability drives a great customer experience at Montrose Pet Hospital. And that starts with their wired and wireless networks.

As business technology needs change, our highly reliable, integrated network is always there. It’s empowering business to work anywhere, at any time. For more information on AT&T high-speed Internet and mobility solutions, please visit

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Tom Hughes, VP – Small Business Marketing