As we approach the summer dry season, we’re taking a look at how smart irrigation and farming solutions are leading to even smarter natural resource savings.

According to World Wildlife, agriculture uses 70% of the world’s freshwater, but around 60% of that amount is wasted due to leaky irrigation systems, inefficient application methods, and thirsty crops grown in inadequate environments.

Smart farming solutions that utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) can help solve this water waste problem. Take Jim Whitaker, an Arkansas farmer utilizing a progressive rice farming technique called Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD). Paired with Precision King's connected technology, he’s reducing water consumption on his rice fields by almost 50%.

AWD allows Jim to alternate between flooded and non-flooded crop periods, while Precision King uses IoT technology to further improve this irrigation technique using remote moisture sensors, remote pump controls and the AT&T network to determine exactly when and where to water.

This technology also saves Jim ample time and manpower in the fields. Precision King uses AT&T IoT solutions to help monitor weather conditions and track equipment, allowing Jim to make near real-time decisions or shut off irrigation – from virtually anywhere.

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