By: Laura Hernandez, Executive Director for Product Marketing Management at AT&T

We’re continuing our Mother’s May celebration of “super moms” with Alicia Borchardt. She’s a mommy vlogger extraordinaire. Alicia gives us a glimpse of why she’s a “super mom” as she juggles home life and a demanding career. 

Q. What does being a “super mom” mean to you?

A. To me, being a “super mom” means somehow making it all come together. Time is a scarce when you’re trying to be the best mom to your kids while still living your own life.

Like so many women, I’m not just a mom. I’m a daughter, a friend and so much more. Weaving it all together can be tough. But somehow, I manage. That’s being a super mom.

Q. How do you juggle your housework, mommy duties and career?  What is your “super power?”

A. Technology! Thanks to my tablet, smartphone and laptop technology I am fortunate enough to work from home. I can catch up on laundry, make my next cooking video and still spend time  with my family.

 Technology also keeps me connected with my kids, who are already young adults. Angela is 29, Maxwell is 26 and Alejandra is 24.

My kids also leverage technology and social media to stay connected. My son Max is a tattoo artist and he posts all of his creations on Instagram. It’s a great way for him to express his creative side and share it with the world in just a few clicks.

 Like me, my daughter Alejandra is a vlogger. We spend lots of time sharing ideas and advice through social media. She gives her youthful point of view and I share my experience with her.

Q. If you could share any advice to the other “super moms” like you, what would you say?

A. There are so many wonderful mothers out there that often forget about their own dreams as they start to focus on their children. I would advise other “super moms” to never lose sight of their goals.

They are still possible with lots of ganas, or a strong will! Don’t let anyone’s negative comments let you lose sight of your dreams or spoil your positive mindset.

I used to dream being a hands-on mom was attentive to their family and home, but also had the opportunity to sleep in from time to time. I now live that lifestyle. Si se puede! It’s possible!

Q: We are so proud to call you an AT&T “super mom!” How does it feel holding that title with 3 other amazing moms?

A. It makes me so happy and gives me so much satisfaction knowing a company as important as AT&T puts such emphasis on the Latino community here in the U.S. I feel honored to have them recognize me as a “super mom.”

To learn more about Alicia, visit her website at and check out her YouTube channel full of makeup tutorials, kitchen recipes and adventures with her daughter Alejandra.

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