Public Safety’s Network Supports COVID-19 Emergency Response

“The rapid support we received from the FirstNet team at AT&T to give us the communications we require was like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Having a FirstNet SatCOLT available to us has been an invaluable asset to our mission. I’m encouraged to see that FirstNet has stepped up to support tribal first responders during this unprecedented public health crisis. It gives me confidence knowing that we have a network that will be there when and where we need it.”

- Lynda Zambrano, Executive Director, NTEMC

“We are extremely grateful for the support from the FirstNet team at AT&T for providing additional network capacity for our remote, makeshift hospital at the Porterville Developmental Center in Tulare County. With this support, our first responders and healthcare personnel will have the priority connectivity they need, when they need it.” 

- Dennis Townsend, Tulare County Supervisor

"During an emergency, communications is critical. Thank you for making sure our team stays connected to our First Responders and their efforts fighting COVID-19."

Suzanne Crouch, Lieutenant Governor of Indiana

“COVID-19 is an unprecedented event for the country – and in times of emergency, communication is critical. As we began mobilizing various quarantine locations across California, our commercial network devices were unable to handle the heavy data transmission needed to adequately communicate. We turned to FirstNet, and the quick action and network performance allowed us to support the hundreds of public safety personnel actively engaged in response efforts. It’s been a game changer.”

– Tim Ketchie, Communications Unit Leader, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

FirstNet is public safety’s only network that gives first responders always-on, 24-hours-a-day priority and preemption across voice and data, with multiple priority levels that first responder users can allocate as needed.

It’s like giving public safety communications the “lights and sirens” treatment. When you see or hear an emergency vehicle coming, you get out of the way, so they can quickly get to those in need. Priority and preemption follow that same approach, just on the communications highway.

Public safety agencies on FirstNet have access to a dedicated fleet of 76 deployable cell sites at no additional charge. The deployment of these assets is led by the FirstNet Response Operations Group (ROG), a team of former first responders who manage the program in alignment with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and FEMA National Response Framework (NRF).

No other network provider has deployable network assets dedicated solely and exclusively to public safety, backed by the oversight of the FirstNet Authority to help ensure public safety’s needs are met.  

FirstNet provides public safety with a dedicated lane of connectivity when they need it. To ensure first responders have as much coverage and capacity as possible, FirstNet subscribers have access to all AT&T LTE commercial spectrum bands, as well as Band 14 spectrum. Band 14 is nationwide, high-quality spectrum set aside by the U.S. government specifically for FirstNet. We look at Band 14 as public safety’s VIP lane.

During an emergency, this band – or lane – can be cleared and locked just for FirstNet subscribers. That means only those on FirstNet will be able to access Band 14 spectrum, further elevating their connected experience and emergency response. That’s unique in the industry and something public safety won’t get anywhere but on the FirstNet network.

50% Off Service for 6 Months for New Individual First Responders on FirstNet

We’re determined to deliver the best tools and solutions for public safety’s life-saving missions. That’s why, starting today and for a limited time, we’re offering individual first responders who sign on to FirstNet and pay for their own service, 50% off monthly rate plan charges for 6 months when activating a new FirstNet Mobile—Responder Unlimited line of service and purchase a new FirstNet Ready™ device on a qualified installment agreement.1 Plus, they can get a $200 activation credit for their new device.2

1 Limited time only. Available only to eligible subscriber paid users. Req’s new line and min. $_4__ on installment agmt. w/ elig. wireless svc who activate a new FirstNet Mobile—Responder Unlimited line of service (min $39.99/mo on smartphone, $40/mo on tablet, $25 on wearable) and purchase a new FirstNet Ready™ device on a qualified installment agreement. 6 months of credits on a single line of service ($22.50/mo (smartphones), $20/mo (tablets), and $12.50/mo (wearables)) start w/in start w/in 3 bills. Well qualified customers only. If svc cancelled, credits stop & device balance due. New subscribers must qualify for FirstNet service and complete verification process within 30 days. Device must use a FirstNet SIM. Add’l fees, taxes, charges & other restr’s apply. See for complete details.

2 Limited time offer. Requires purchase on 0% APR AT&T Installment (30-month at maximum $66 per month) agreement. Credits start within three billing cycles. Available only to eligible first responders who activate a new smartphone line of service as a Subscriber Paid User on FirstNet Mobile—Responder plan with eligible voice & data service. If service is cancelled, device balance due (up to $1979.99). Tax on full retail price due at sale. Additional fees & restrictions apply. See for verification and here for other details.

May 8, 2020

 The 4th and Final First Responder Friday is Today with Kelsea Ballerini!

iHeartRadio and FirstNet continue to honor first responders and medical professionals on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting at 6 p.m. CT/7 p.m. ET you can watch on iHeartRadio’s FirstResponderFridayYoutubeFacebook or catch it on more than 90 CHR iHeartRadio stations across the U.S. #FirstResponderFridays #iHeartFirstResponders.

May 7, 2020

FirstNet: Connecting Rural and Remote Parts of America during COVID-19

To prepare for and meet the demand of caring for COVID-19 patients, Tulare County has set-up a remote, makeshift hospital at the Porterville Developmental Center. In a mutual-aid response effort, CalOES has loaned FirstNet Ready™ devices and service to local public safety and healthcare personnel. Additionally, the FirstNet team deployed a portable cell site from the dedicated FirstNet fleet to enhance coverage for public safety and healthcare workers in and around this critical healthcare facility. All at no additional charge, public safety agencies on FirstNet can request this temporary equipment for added emergency support.

“We are extremely grateful for the support from the FirstNet team at AT&T for providing additional network capacity for our remote, makeshift hospital at the Porterville Developmental Center in Tulare County. With this support, our first responders and healthcare personnel will have the priority connectivity they need, when they need it.” – Dennis Townsend, Tulare County Supervisor

This is just one example of how we’re bringing more reliable communications to rural communities across the country. FirstNet is built for all public safety. That means every first responder in the country – career or volunteer; federal, tribal, state or local; urban, suburban or rural. Check out our latest blog to learn more about how we are actively extending the nationwide reach of FirstNet.

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May 4, 2020

FirstNet: Caring for Those Who Care for You

FirstNet is supporting the frontline heroes working tirelessly to keep the country safe and get it back on its feet. That’s why we tasked ourselves with caring for them. As public safety’s partner, we have a responsibility unlike any other wireless carrier during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve been side-by-side with public safety since January supporting the first quarantine sites and are there today continuing to provide support every step of the way – both in the field and at home. Get a comprehensive look at all the ways we continue to be dedicated to those who are dedicated to protecting our families and communities.

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May 1, 2020

FirstNet Continues to Support America’s First Responders in the Fight Against COVID-19

A public safety agency in Georgia needed reliable communications to support over 20 new quarantine tents. So the FirstNet team went into quick action deploying the essential FirstNet Ready™ ruggedized devices in less than 24 hours.

When a state healthcare agency needed to mobilize part of their workforce in early March to support their COVID-19 response, FirstNet stepped in to provide thousands of FirstNet Ready™ devices to aid in the process. These devices are not only helping with logistics at testing sites, but also assist the agency with ensuring families and the elderly community have the critical food and supplies they need.

We quadrupled internet access for a critical federal government agency at 2 locations – its primary and secondary data centers – to support its rapid transition to a telework model because of COVID-19.

The nation’s first COVID-10 Dedicated Care Center in Boston needed reliable communications fast to care for an influx of patients. We delivered thousands of FirstNet Ready™ devices – including smartphones, MiFis and more – toward the end of Q1 so first responders can test and treat patients during this critical time.

April 30, 2020 

FirstNet Helps City of Las Vegas and Clark County at ISO-Q Complex

In a joint project funded by the City of Las Vegas and Clark County to address the health needs of the homeless amid the COVID-19 pandemic, an Isolation-Quarantine Complex (ISO-Q) at Cashman Center opened on April 13. Through the city and county agreements with FirstNet®, and to ensure efficient operations at the ISO-Q Complex, FirstNet is providing connectivity for the complex, including modems for additional capacity, tablets, smartphones, hotspots and laptop data USBs. Additionally, there’s a Cell on Light Truck (COLT) on stand-by, ready to provide health care and public safety users the priority connectivity they need, when they need it.

April 27, 2020

Serving Public Safety is Our Mission

COVID-19 has irrevocably altered the way we live, work and play as a nation. As the majority of us shelter in place to help flatten the curve and reduce the spread of the virus, America’s first responders – emergency management services, law enforcement, military, fire and paramedics – are on the front lines facing off against this pandemic. And we’re steadfast in our determination to deliver the best tools and solutions for public safety’s life-saving missions. Check out our latest blog from Jason Porter, Senior Vice President, FirstNet Program, to hear how we’re supporting America’s first responders and the extended public safety community.

April 24, 2020

The 2nd First Responder Friday is Tonight with Meghan Trainor

iHeartRadio and FirstNet will continue to honor first responders and medical professionals on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting at 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. CT you can watch on iHeartRadio’s FirstResponderFridayYoutube, Facebook or catch it on more than 90 CHR iHeartRadio stations across the U.S. #FirstResponderFridays.

April 16, 2020

FirstNet & COVID-19: Quick Action to Support USNS Mercy in Los Angeles

The Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy is docked at a port in Los Angeles. To help ensure military, EMS, paramedics, nurses and physicians have the critical connectivity in and around this temporary hospital, we installed and activated a dedicated 1 gigabit land-to-ship circuit connection in 24 hours – a task that typically takes 30+ days. And we deployed a FirstNet portable cell site nearby to further increase network capacity for the influx of first responders on the harbor. Check out our latest blog post to learn and watch more.

April 16, 2020

First Responders Nationwide Turn to FirstNet

Public safety agencies from multiple jurisdictions in Dallas were faced with the challenge of transforming a major sports venue parking lot into a pop-up testing center. We equipped them with FirstNet Ready™ devices to help ensure they had the reliable connectivity they need on the highly secure FirstNet network.

In Oregon, the FirstNet team deployed a portable cell site from the dedicated FirstNet fleet to enhance coverage for public safety in and around an emergency operations center. All at no additional charge, public safety agencies on FirstNet can request this temporary equipment for added emergency support. Recognizing this critical public safety facility was in need of additional coverage and capacity, we worked to add a permanent network solution to help ensure first responders will have reliable connectivity across the FirstNet network.

A major city in the northeast turned to FirstNet to help support their Emergency Response Plan and enable city leadership – including the mayor, police commissioner, fire chief and other department heads – to work remotely and reliably stay connected with FirstNet Ready™ MiFi devices. 

April 15, 2020 

iHeartMedia Announces “iHeartRadio’s First Responder Fridays with FirstNet, Built with AT&T,” A Weekly On Air and Live YouTube Stream Special to Celebrate and Raise Funds for First Responders and Front Line Medical Professionals During the COVID-19 Pandemic

iHeartMedia and FirstNet®, Built with AT&T announced today “iHeartRadio’s First Responder Fridays with FirstNet, Built with AT&T,” a special four-week tribute series hosted by Ryan Seacrest streamed LIVE on iHeartRadio’s YouTube and broadcasted across more than 90 iHeartRadio stations nationwide, honoring first responders and medical professionals on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“Supporting first responders is our mission, which is why we are working alongside public safety in delivering the nation’s only Congressionally mandated first responder network that’s there when those that serve us need it most,” said Jason Porter, Senior Vice President, FirstNet Program at AT&T. “Through First Responder Fridays, we are honored to help celebrate and thank the men, women and their families on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic for the commitment they’ve made to all of us.”

Read Full Release Here >>

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April 13, 2020

Centene Corporation and FirstNet Team Up for Rural and Underserved Communities

In collaboration with FirstNet®, built with AT&T, Centene Corporation is expediting the rollout of FirstNet that will streamline access to affordable, high-speed wireless broadband services for primary care providers in rural and underserved communities. 

"FirstNet helps strengthen first responders' incident response, connecting them to the critical information they need – every day and in every emergency. During this pandemic, healthcare personnel across the nation are on the frontlines, and with FirstNet, enabling new ways to provide healthcare, including telehealth," said Jason Porter, senior vice president, FirstNet Program at AT&T. "Centene's investment will enable rural practices to introduce cutting-edge telehealth techniques that will create efficiencies and help those who save lives."

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April 12, 2020 

AT&T to Support Nurses and Physicians with Three Months of Free Service on FirstNet Network


AT&T delivered “Some Good News” tonight announcing three months of free wireless service for frontline nurses and physicians nationwide on the FirstNet® network – built with AT&T in a public-private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority). 

In case you missed it, in the third episode of John Krasinski’s digital show “Some Good News,” where he covers only positive news from around the world, AT&T came to play ball! The episode features Krasinski and some hometown friends surprising a handful of nurses at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center with a field trip to Fenway Park, where they threw out the first pitch of 2020. Inspired, and to keep the good news going, AT&T surprised not only the nurses featured on the show but nurses and physicians across the country.

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April 10, 2020

Supporting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

We’ve quickly expanded circuit bandwidth to support a 5x increase in remote Virtual Private Networking (VPN) capabilities among USACE as they manage these logistics. USACE is also expanding its usage of FirstNet daily as its COVID-19 workload grows.

April 6, 2020

FirstNet Supports New York City’s COVID-19 Emergency Response

In New York City, the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are being acutely felt. So, when Governor Cuomo implemented a plan for sharing health care resources across hospitals and health systems in the state, FirstNet stepped in to help ensure EMS and other first responders have the interoperable connectivity they need.

  • Hundreds of ambulances from outside the region have entered the city through mutual aid efforts. Our team has equipped all ambulances with FirstNet Ready™ ultra-rugged Sonim XP8s with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk (ePTT) Integrated Dispatch. And at their base location, we deployed FirstNet portable cell sites and new, temporary in-building solutions to increase network capacity for first responders and emergency staff.
  • We are also working with public safety officials to help ensure connectivity for the USNS Comfort, a Navy medical treatment facility sent to relieve pressure on the city’s overburdened hospitals. With Band 14 spectrum on the port, this VIP communications lane means FirstNet subscribers are protected against commercial traffic congestion. That’s unique in the industry and something public safety won’t get anywhere but on the FirstNet network.

From activating devices, deploying FirstNet portable cell sites, installing microwave and more, the FirstNet team was able to take action the same day public safety requested support from their network. FirstNet provides a common, interoperable platform to enable reliable communication across multiple agencies and jurisdictions. That means city, state and federal, as well as extended mutual aid users are all able to reliably and efficiently communicate. Read our latest blog to learn more about how we are supporting first responders across New York City.

April 2, 2020

AT&T Supports First Responders, Medical Personnel and Others Impacted by COVID-19 With Nourishing Meals

Across the country – and around the world – first responders and medical personnel are playing a critical role in helping care for their communities during the COVID-19 crisis. AT&T is announcing a $5.5 million commitment to provide much-needed support – in the form of nourishing meals – for first responders, medical personnel and others on the front lines COVID-19.


March 27, 2020

FirstNet Apps Integral in First Responder COVID-19 Response Efforts

The COVID-19 public health crisis is creating a wave of change in how society operates. While consumers are using more apps to manage working from home and helping their children with distance learning, stay engaged and entertained, public safety agencies across the country are using the FirstNet App Catalog as they adjust and modify their response to COVID-19.

First responders are using this dedicated technology and app ecosystem to respond to routine and emergency situations every day in communities large and small. And as public safety’s partner, FirstNet is helping first responders efficiently and effectively coordinate and communicate their emergency response. The catalog identifies more than 100 highly secure apps tested for public safety that can help cost-effectively enhance their situational awareness and other capabilities. Check out the latest examples of the app here.

March 26, 2020

COVID-19 Puts FirstNet to the Test

Once again, our country is experiencing a national crisis likely to change the way we operate. And while we don’t fully know how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the future, we do know that with FirstNet, public safety can be confident in their critical communications capabilities as they effectively coordinate and respond today and for decades to come. 

As major cities like New York, Chicago, Dallas and L.A. stand up quarantine zones or testing centers in arenas and other venues, FirstNet is there, keeping responders connected. For medical facilities and agencies in rural and tribal communities – like the Miccosukee Tribe in the Florida everglades – FirstNet is there, keeping responders connected. And when public safety needs to quickly enhance their network with additional capacity due to increased foot traffic, FirstNet is there. Here’s just a few examples:

  • In northern California, a medical center contacted FirstNet for device and network support. We quickly deployed a FirstNet COW (Cell on Wheels) to provide additional capacity and keep emergency personnel connected. Plus, we’ve sent FirstNet Ready™ devices to support critical care physicians and ER nurses, as well as remote workers and non-critical staff.
  • In the Northeast, one of the hardest hit areas of the country, we’ve deployed a FirstNet portable cell site and other devices to support a drive through testing facility. The public safety and emergency management teams were concerned about maintaining reliable communications when thousands of citizens arrive for testing. But with FirstNet, medical professionals and first responders can interoperate across federal, state and local agencies, and are not competing with consumer smartphones and tablets for bandwidth in the drive-through.
  • In Texas, public safety requested FirstNet network support for a quarantine center at a military base. While there was quality coverage outside of the quarantine center, within the quarantine zone service was minimal. The FirstNet team at AT&T quickly deployed a new in-building emergency solution to support dozens of first responders.

Visit our latest blog to learn why COVID-19 is exactly what public safety designed FirstNet for.

March 16, 2020

As public safety’s network, FirstNet liaisons at AT&T are embedded with state and federal emergency operations centers (EOC). This strengthens public safety’s command and control of their network and helps ensure they have the mobile connectivity and devices they need to effectively respond to COVID-19.

So far, we’ve deployed assets, optimized the network or provided FirstNet Ready™ devices to support quarantine zones, airports, EOCs and other public safety centers in areas such as:

  • Port of Oakland, California
  • Riverside, California
  • Roseville, California
  • San Diego, California
  • New Haven, Connecticut
  • Collier County, Florida
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Fulton County, Georgia
  • Marietta, Georgia
  • Rutledge, Georgia
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Nassau County, New York
  • Austin, Texas
  • San Antonio, Texas

With FirstNet, serving public safety is our mission. It’s our obligation and honor to earn public safety’s trust day in and day out. And that only happens by delivering on the bipartisan vision of Congress and the first responder community, and effectively serving as public safety’s true communications network partner.

AT&T is redirecting more resources to provide communication services and tools for first responders, health care professionals, educators and other essential customers. This additional support will help ensure these customers can continue providing critical support to the country and their communities, particularly to first responders using FirstNet – the only nationwide wireless broadband communications platform dedicated to America’s public safety community. Public safety agency and individual first responders can sign up for service or order devices online.