The safety of our employees is one of our top priorities. Today, nearly half of our employees are working from home. And for those who can’t do that, we’re providing personal protection protocols and equipment. We’re working to keep them safe, so they can keep you connected.

Our Paid Time Off and Work-From-Home Policies for COVID-19

AT&T Gives Call Center Employees the Option to Work from Home

With customers, first responders, health care workers, teachers and other essential workers depending on AT&T to keep them connected, our call center employees have a huge responsibility. Now we’re giving many of them the option to do that important work from home during the current pandemic.

Transforming the traditional roles and environments for our call center employees required innovation, and our teams have been able to successfully replicate the call center agent role at home. Today, more than half of our call center employees are working from home and we expect nearly all will be able to in the coming weeks.

This is completely voluntary, and our call centers will remain open for those who choose to continue to go into work and for a small number of employees who currently need to do so because their jobs require handling sensitive customer information. For those employees still going into work at our call centers, we have implemented new procedures and policies to help protect their health and safety.