As the weather warms across the country, door-to-door sales increase. Most salespeople knocking at your door are legitimate, just trying to sell a product or service. But there are some who are trying to scam you out of money or information – with no actual product or service.

These bad guys may try to confuse you or pressure you to give them some kind of payment. Or they may just ask for information so they “can confirm with their boss that they actually talked with you” and use that information later as part of an ID theft scam. They may even carry a tablet or other device to try to access your personal information while you stand there.

Here are things you should look for to help you decide quickly if that door-to-door salesperson is legitimate or out to scam you.

  • The salesperson should wear a visible badge that displays the company name listing them as an employee. Our authorized door-to-door representatives wear ID badges.
  • Watch out for high pressure sales tactics.
  • Authorized door-to-door salespeople should carry general sales collateral. Ask the salesperson to leave you with written materials or a website you can visit later.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with the situation, end the conversation and shut the door.

If you still question the salesperson’s story, call the company they claimed to work for. Use a number on your bill or from a confirmed, secure source or website to find out if the offer is true. If not, you can alert the company of a possible door-to-door scam in your neighborhood.

These tips can help keep you, your home and your personal information safe the next time a salesperson knocks on your door.