We all know that most years we start out with good intent. But before long, our New Year’s resolutions have faded and we’re back into our old habits. Just ask your neighborhood gym.

This year make a resolution (or more) you can keep and make yourself more secure through 2021.

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Resolution: I will strengthen passwords by adopting passphrases.

The beginning of the year is a good time to update your passwords. Create a unique phrase to add length and strengthen security for each account and device. And if you have any accounts or devices with default passwords, resolve to change them today!

Resolution: I will say “yes” to 2-factor authentication.

2-factor or multifactor authentication adds another layer of security. Take those extra seconds when logging into an account and protect yourself with added security.

Resolution: I will not click on links in an email or open attachments unless I know they are safe.

Links and attachments are favorite bad guy tricks. Make it a habit to stop before you click anything in a suspicious email or text, or from a sender you do not know.

Resolution: Never share information with someone who calls you asking for it.

Don’t automatically trust someone you don’t know who calls, texts or emails. It could be a bad guy pretending to be someone they aren’t. Be smart and don’t fall for social engineering.

Resolution: I will clean out my email – including deleted items and spam folders.

Email can be a treasure chest for bad guys. Clean out your trash and spam folder regularly to get rid of any account information or contact details from financial institutions and companies you do business with.

Resolution: ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Resolve to make this the most secure year it can be. And don’t cheat on these resolutions.


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