We’ve all heard about the ways that bad guys can target you or your devices. They want your money or your information. Protecting yourself from phishing emails, scam texts and other threats requires awareness and a game plan.

There are many helpful security features and options designed to help keep you secure. But what exactly do they do?

Consider the following features and offerings to help secure your connected devices:

Spam calls and robocall blockers

These protective services, like AT&T ActiveArmorSM mobile security, monitor for suspicious callers and can block or label them accordingly. This helps you manage spam and nuisance calls by preventing them from reaching you, or by alerting you to give you the choice of answering the call or not. This helps save you from headaches as well as potential security risks.

Learn how you can protect yourself from these unwanted calls, and check with your provider to see if it has spam call and robocall blocking, similar to what AT&T provides.

Passphrase and password managers

Your passphrases and passwords keep bad guys from logging into your accounts. Each account should have a different password so that if a bad guy gets your password, he can’t get into your other accounts. But that can be a lot of passwords to juggle and remember.

A password manager app provides you an encrypted environment designed to help you keep track of these different user IDs and unique passwords. This helps you manage the passwords, along with answers to security questions or other information required to access your various accounts. When installing a password manager, make sure to use a reputable, secure app from an authorized or safe provider.

You can also check out ways to make your passwords stronger.

Anti-virus and malware protection for device security

There are many options when it comes to adding software to your devices to monitor for and protect against threats like malware. These programs may alert you to a suspicious file and automatically block anything that appears unwanted or threatening.

Using a trusted program can make connected device security more convenient and thorough. Keeping these services updated will also help keep protection as strong as possible. Consider setting updates to automatic, if available.

AT&T internet customers can install and update AT&T AntiVirus Plus on their computers at home. Wireless customers can install the AT&T ActiveArmorSM mobile security app that also helps with robocalls.

Internet and Wi-Fi managers for network security

Your home internet keeps your living space connected to the outside world. And just like your home, there are ways to help keep this online space safe and secure. Network or Wi-Fi managers help you keep tabs on all your connected devices and related activity across your home. These tools can make monitoring convenient by routinely checking for threats, blocking suspicious web traffic and sending you automatic activity reports.

Your internet service provider (ISP) or modem and router manufacturer may offer an internet manager app or service. AT&T provides Fiber customers tools like AT&T ActiveArmorSM internet security via the Smart Home Manager app to help monitor their home internet and help protect devices connected to their home Wi-Fi network. Its security features include malicious site blocking, home-router intrusion alerts and weak-password detection.

Investing your time for a 60-minute home network security challenge can also comprehensively strengthen your home internet.

Personal VPNs

A VPN (virtual private network) is software that encrypts your web traffic and data, encoding it so only the intended recipient can read it. It creates a private network running inside a public network like Wi-Fi. Adding this tool to the devices you use to connect to the internet can create an extra later of security and keep your data private when on a public network.

Not only does VPN provide an extra level of encryption for your information, it also helps you browse privately and anonymously, masking your IP address from others as you surf and shop online.

You should ensure your VPN provider is reputable and regularly update its software for best protection. Carefully read user agreements and check out any other parties involved with the service.

Eligible AT&T Fiber customers can get AT&T ActiveArmorSM Internet Security Advanced Privacy & Protection Features with “VPN at Home” for an additional fee. AT&T wireless customers can get VPN through the AT&T ActiveArmorSM mobile security app.

Data storage

If you ever lose one of your devices, you’ll be glad to have saved back-up copies of your files and photos. You can do this on the “cloud” – a remote storage space reached over the internet.

Many cloud storage providers include convenient app interfaces for management. AT&T Personal Cloud provides this safe, convenient access to your important phone and computer files. Customers can learn more here.

More Information

While there is no single solution to keeping your devices and data safe, using trusted security features alongside good cybersecurity habits is your best defense against bad guys’ threats.

The goal of these features is to make protection an easier and understandable experience. Many of these programs come from providers you already subscribe to – including your internet service provider. They offer easy installation or provide a mobile app to keep the services organized while you focus on other things.

Make sure to use verified, reputable services and install updates as available to ensure best protection. 

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