PHOTO: (pictured left to right): Juan Munoz, Store Manager; Victor Godoy, Assistant Store Manager; Vladislav Zborovskiy, Assistant Store Manager; and Mari Rodriguez, Store Manager

With the number of COVID-19 positive cases rising rapidly, cities everywhere face an unprecedented situation with many challenges to tackle quickly.  

So, when a major city requested additional resources to keep first responders connected, AT&T rose to the challenge.

A team made up of retail store managers and in-home care experts came together and jumped into action to help activate hundreds of mobile Wi-Fi hotspots to FirstNet, the only nationwide high-speed broadband communications platform dedicated to and purpose-built for America’s first responders. The best part? They were able to bring all of them online in less than 6 hours.

“When FirstNet launched, we were part of a pilot where we had all Sales Support Representatives and some managers help out activating FirstNet SIM cards for our first responders,” said Mari Rodriguez, an AT&T store manager. “So, this time around, everyone was very knowledgeable and aware of the steps needed to be taken for these devices to operate to their full capacity.”

Those hotspots can provide crucial connectivity for police and fire personnel, pop-up COVID-19 testing centers, command centers, and more. 

“It feels great to know that AT&T is directly working with first responders to help provide them with the necessary tools during this time,” said Juan Munoz, an AT&T store manager. “It felt great to be a part of it, knowing that this will have a huge positive impact.”

Mari agrees. “AT&T is showing that we are in this together,” she said. “When people think there’s no overcoming something like this pandemic, just remember what the power of unity and togetherness can do. I’ve learned to appreciate and count my blessings every day, and I’m proud to have the opportunity to serve.”

FirstNet is built with AT&T in public-private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority). As men and women across the country stand on the front lines to support our nation’s response to COVID-19, they can have confidence knowing that with FirstNet they’ll have the unthrottled connectivity and priority communications on a dedicated platform they need to respond during this public health emergency.