Daniel Tejada

Since an early age, Daniel Tejada has been involved in public service.

As a teenager he helped with local campaigns, voter registration and more. At 22, Daniel, a universal leave examiner, first ran for office – the Floresville, Texas, school board. And although he didn’t win, he stuck with serving his community. Finally, at 27, he was elected to Floresville city council.

“When I was growing up in Floresville, there was not much development and little to do,” Daniel said. “Since I was young, public service has been a passion of mine. It’s something that comes very naturally to me.”

After years of hard work in his community, Daniel would take on his biggest role yet – mayor of Floresville.

Mayoral duty calls

In 2006, Daniel was elected to be the mayor of Floresville. The position only paid $100 a month, but for Daniel it was a bigger cause – to make Floresville a better place to live, work and do business.

“Due to the population growth in San Antonio, Texas, more people started to move to Floresville,” Daniel said. “There was a lot we needed to do to prepare for all the expansion.”

As mayor, Daniel took the lead on many projects. Upgrading the waste water system was the main priority, as was parks and recreation.

“When I visited other towns as a baseball player and coach, I noticed how nice their facilities were,” Daniel said. “Then I’d go back to my town and see children making baseball fields with make-shift construction fences. I knew as mayor I had to do something to change the conditions.”

Some of the most vocal in the town resisted a few of the ideas for expansion. They were concerned that the projects would increase taxes and utilities.

“People were concerned, but we had to educate them on the benefits of making these improvements,” Daniel said. “The values I learned at AT&T were a big part of the approach I took as a leader in my community. I was determined to make Floresville a better place to live and do business.”


From hard work to ribbon cutting ceremony

In 2012, Daniel’s term as mayor ended. Several projects hadn’t been finished, but Daniel continued to work on them as a member of the city council.

Finally a breakthrough happened.

In August of 2016, the city received the go ahead to build a city park and sportsplex. They broke ground on the sportsplex in October 2016. And in March of 2018, the new facility opened and included 4 fields, an outdoor theater, walking trails and more.

For his hard work, Daniel Tejada received a certificate of congressional recognition from U.S. Congressman, Henry Cuellar. He also received special recognition on a resolution from the City of Floresville. And a plaque with his name is displayed in front of the facility.

“Mr. Tejada’s time, effort and resiliency to overcome hurdles to deliver a safe, modern park for citizens speaks volumes about his character,” said Henrietta Turner, city manager of Floresville. “We appreciate what he’s done for the City of Floresville, his vision for Floresville and the surrounding areas.”