L-R: Customer David Anastasi, ARSM Emilio Erhardt and Pacific States VPGM Morgan Collins

Some days are just not like others. For Paul Huyhn and Leo Alvarez in our Issaquah, Washington, retail store, Sept. 5 was certainly one of them.

Customer David Anastasi had come in that day to add service to his tablet and mobile device. But he had to wait. And wait. And wait. And he was getting visibly upset.

"He wanted to add service … so we did," said Paul, assistant store manager. "We apologized for the inconvenience, and that's when I brought in Leo to complete the interaction."

With that problem solved, Leo asked if there was anything else they could do for David. Come to find out, David had recently started up his own small business. So, Leo assisted him with opening up a business account with 10 new lines of service.

"It's all about making a personal connection with our customers and creating an effortless experience for them," said Brian Shay, president-Sales and Distribution, Retail Sales & Service. "These are the moments that build lasting relationships."

Not a bad day, right? Customer walks in, gets mad, walks out with new service and a new business account.

But that's when an otherwise normal customer interaction turned into one that Paul, Leo and the Western Region team won't soon forget.

Leo, a retail sales consultant, asked David if he'd be willing to support our retail team's campaign to raise $1 million during September in support of the American Heart Association's (AHA) goals of raising money for innovation, research and education on heart disease.

"David asked me what my goal was, and I told him I was aiming for $500," says Leo.

"How about $10,000?" David asked Leo.

Say what now?

"I was shocked," Leo said. "I was asking as part of my closing conversation with David, and didn't think he'd be that generous."

Turns out that heart disease and stroke are incredibly personal causes for David. He lost 3 relatives, including his mother and father, to heart disease. And David wasn't done. He went on to donate another $15,000 at the AT&T Renton Landing store in Renton, Washington. To date, David's donation is by far the largest any of our retail teams across the country have received.

"Those kinds of things that happen in the stores are just extraordinary and really the lifeblood of what we are trying to accomplish," said John Donovan, CEO–AT&T Communications.

Check out the video below to hear from Paul and Leo and see how the Issaquah store celebrated this amazing customer service success story.

RELATED: Employees across the company can also take part in this campaign. Using your personal AT&T mobile device, text HEART to 50555 to give a $5 donation